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The Mystic Chords of Memory, Stretching to Every Grave
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Somalia -- hot and dry and deserving of flute music from the soundtrack. As the Red Panda-branded chopper flies over the golden mountains, one half-expects to find a monkey standing atop one, holding a lion cub up for the local fauna's inspection.

Instead, we get a very gentle-seeming Somali trying to teach Janis, Demetri, Vogel and some extras a few Somali phrases. (Well, not Vogel. Vogel is asleep, as he apparently possesses the enviable ability to catnap anywhere.) The translator teaches them the phrase for "What did you see?" then tries to break the conversational ice by asking what everyone saw. Janis says she was baking bread; Demetri says he was water-skiing. It is a little discomfiting how easily they can lie. Demetri asks Janis if she wasn't supposed to be mixing the yeast and flour right about now, and Janis replies that it was impossible to preheat the oven on account of how she's in Somalia right now.

The fake-panda team lands. Janis, by the way, looks very snappy in her cargo pants and aid-worker vest. I mention this because I have been remiss in noting how sharp she looks in all her scenes. Anyway, Simon hits up Vogel for a gun, and Vogel is all, "Ha! Good one." He advises Simon to stick close to a few beefy extras who are holding big, big guns. Vogel then tells everyone, "Let's get to the tower and get out of here."

The FBI is not taking advantage of Vogel's absence to kick off Pantsless Mondays. (Our government is so slow on the uptake...) Mark comes into Wedeck's with the illustration of the hydra we've seen before and begins his exposition: D. Gibbons is Dyson Frost, a "brilliant, reclusive particle physicist, trained in engineering at MIT, minored in Victorian lit. Typical story -- domineering father [who] only spoke to them in French, even though they grew up in Wyoming." Hey, for all you know, the Medicine Bow range may house an isolated community of folk descended from Bourbon sympathizers. Wyoming was part of the Louisiana Purchase, you know. Granted, this scenario is unlikely, but on a show dealing with global blackouts and random kangaroos, it is not entirely improbable. ANYWAY, back to "D. Gibbons: The Early Years," per Mark: "Became a chess grand master at 15. Apparently, he still plays, which is weird because he was killed in a boating accident in 1990, on a boat called Le Monste Du Boisteau." We find out that Boisteau is a writer whose book included the illustration of the hydra that Mark was waving around. "On my board on the 29th," he says. "It's all leading back to Frost." Wedeck dispatches him with orders to keep chopping off the hydra's heads until he nails Dyson Frost.

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