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The Mystic Chords of Memory, Stretching to Every Grave

Back in the present, Fearless Shooty Leader orders an extra killed off-screen. He concludes, "You are here for a reason, and I will kill you, all of you, if you do not tell me what that reason is." Everyone looks dismayed at this prospect.

This week's superfluous plotline can be summed up with the following dialogue:

NICOLE: Working at the hospital, and with you, have inspired me! I'm taking premed classes. Maybe I can be a doctor.
BRYCE: [Radiating encouragement -- and chemotherapy -- from every pore.] Of course you can! Go for it!
NICOLE: And when I finish med school, residency, internship and who-knows-what-else in the next 12 years, we can work together?
BRYCE: ...
NICOLE: You didn't just turn pale and clammy at the prospect of us carpooling?
BRYCE: I have cancer. Very telegenic cancer, which permits me to remain moderately attractive, yet makes me a Doomed Hero.
NICOLE: *swoon*

And ... scene.

Moving on, Janis and Demetri are debating Vogel vis a vis an "honesty is the best policy" strategy vs. a "Fearless Shooty Leader has a hate-on for aid workers, so let's keep up the aid worker charade" tactic. Demetri says, "I'm not going to sit around waiting for a bullet to my head," and Vogel says coolly, "Right. 'Cause you're waiting for three to the chest." Demetri is all, "Janis, hold my earrings, 'cause Imma throwin' down now," and he begins brawling with Vogel. Ha-HA! It's a clever ruse for all of the agents to begin throwing punches and they quickly overpower their captors. Vogel's all, "Why did you have to hit the moneymaker?" and Demetri shrugs, "My ball to call." Heh. We find out that Fearless Shooty Leader is named Abdi as Demetri outlines the plan: get guns, get to chopper, neutralize Abdi and his men, get the heck out of Dodge. I am no tactician, but if you've neutralized Abdi's men, wouldn't that give you license to go explore the remaining tower?

So, the plan was great in theory, but Abdi turns out to be frighteningly well-equipped, and he uses his giant, armor-plated killmobile to prove that some things are still immune to multiple machine guns. Abdi kills a few more extras because he can, then shouts, "You will not [fail me]. You will fulfill your part of the plan." All the regulars are like, Far be it from me to argue with superior firepower.

Back in Los Angeles, Mark's gone home for lunch. He discovers that Olivia's been househunting in Denver -- "Big fan of the omelet," he cracks -- because she is still operating on the "If we get the hell out of Los Angeles, we can subvert our Los Angeles-based flashforwards" theory. Denver is ideal, as it allows both Mark and Olivia to continue pursuing their professional passions. Mark muses, "Could join the ski police, be home by 5... you wrapped up in a vegan tiger skin, nothing on underneath." Olivia is all, "Yes, please. Shall I call the movers?" Mark, however, has to change the subject. He needs to know what Charlie saw in her flashforward, and makes the point that D. Gibbons is the center of the investigation, and Charlie's name-check of the man is the only reason he wants to drag her into this. "There are people at the office who know how to talk to kids, and I want to take Charlie down there tomorrow --" "Let me talk to her first," Olivia pleads, reasoning that it's less traumatic for Charlie if her parents to pry open her painful flashforward than it would be for total strangers. Or perhaps it's merely less traumatic to Charlie's parents.

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