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Black Swan Singing to the FBI
ink we should leave it here, go back to your office and stare at your bulletin board?" I realize Demetri's being a tool here, but man, I snickered when I first heard that line. Mark opens the box and we find out that no, terrorists are not dumb enough to A) label their contraband and B) entrust it to fry guys in the ass-end of nowhere, USA. Instead, it's pot. Mark does not take the news of this well. (And he's not exactly the kind of guy who's going to mellow out by playing fast-and-loose with what gets handed to the evidence locker.) On the ground, Beardo says, "It's sickest strain around, yo. In my flashforward, I'm driving pimping ride. Nineteen-inch rims, yo. I must be going to be Scarface of pot." In terms of drug dealers, I'm not sure Scarface is who you want to be. Try for someone a little less perforated by machine guns.

After Beardo concludes, "You can't be fighting fate, yo," Demetri lands a few good punches in his kidneys. When Mark pulls him off, Demetri shouts about how at least he's not sitting on his ass mooning over a flashforward, then slugs Mark across the jaw. It is really satisfying to watch. Disturbingly so. As Mark stands up, checking to make sure his teeth are all still intact, Demetri admits, "March 15. Three shots to the chest. I'm not just going to die, I'm going to be murdered." Mark looks thoughtful.

The self-styled Scarface of pot is cuffed and tossed into a black-and-white, but that's just a background detail to the real point of the scene: Demetri telling Mark he found out about his upcoming murder via an anonymous call. "Mark, I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but I thought maybe I could find who's going to kill me, or get a lead on them -- I don't know ..." Demetri trails off. Mark is like, "Really? You really think INDIO will hold the keys to your mortality?" and Demetri shamefacedly admits, "Alda said I was running out of time." They both recognize that Alda pulled one over on Demetri, but he whispers, "All I can hear is the clock ticking, every day. What am I supposed to do?" Mark tells him that Demetri just needs to figure out a way to work through the fear. He flashes back to his own flashforward (drink!) and talks about the men coming in to kill him. (This weekend, my friend Jason and I were talking about this show, and Jason was like, "I hope Mark has the brains to tell his boss, 'Hey, you know that night when I'm in the office and you're in the john? We're going to get gun-wielding maniacs in the building. Let's arrange for backup, so it's waiting right around the corner.'" Smart man, Jason.) Anyway, Mark concludes that he and Demetri are clearly targets for murder -- insights like this are why he's a lead investigator -- and Demetri heads off any sort of proactive discussion with "It's the future, Mark! Why do you think we can stop it?" "Because we saw it," Mark counters. Sure, but the thing that has yet to come up on this show is a character who's seen their future and is taking radical steps to prevent it from coming to pass. We've got a few people who are mildly disturbed about their likely futures but aren't exactly restructuring their lives to make sure they reduce the odds of their flashforwards coming true (OLIVIA). Mark points out, "We can use what we saw to stop what we saw. Demetri, we can solve your murder before it happens. That's why I want to put everything we have on Mosaic. For you. For me. For everyone." Demetri's still on the verge of tears, but Mark's GET ME OUT OF INDIO NOW! Conclusion stops the self-pity party.

Back at our Lady of the Mood Lighting Memorial Hospital, Lloyd's going to stretch his legs, maybe check out the ex's homestead, but first he has to drop Bryce's sketchpad back to the good doctor. We find out that the woman Bryce has been drawing is someone he expects to meet, as she's featured in his flashforward. Lloyd and Bryce's awkward small talk is interrupted by some dreadful newscast concerning a human-interest story ("a postal worker uses the Mosaic site to meet the police officer he belives is going to save his life in the coming months!") and Bryce gushes, "It's incredible, isn't it?" "A temporal anomaly in global consciousness? Yeah, I think that qualifies," Lloyd replies absently. I think I love him a little for both the contents and delivery of that line.

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