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Black Swan Singing to the FBI

Bryce asks Lloyd what he saw, and after Simcoe dryly comments, "I guess that's the new 'How's the weather,' isn't it?" he finally spills his version of his flashforward: "I was in a house. Not my own house. I got a call from someone. I don't know who it was, but it was urgent. Dylan was nearby, maybe in another room. I heard a woman's voice, I turned toward it -- and it was over. I never saw her face, but I knew we were together, she was important to me somehow." So! Assuming Lloyd's telling the truth, he doesn't realize Olivia's the woman in his flashforward.

And speaking of ... Bryce runs off when he catches sight of Olivia so he delivers Ned Ned's CAT scans. After she goggles a bit at the giant hematoma that's right by Ned Ned's liver, Olivia comments, "Ned's lucky he showed up here in time." Bryce moonily says, "Well, no, it's not luck. He was alive in his vision, so clearly --" "Enough about visions!" Olivia snaps. The two squabble briefly. Olivia's take is that flashforwards have no place in medicine, while Bryce thinks they're a handy predictor of likely medical outcome. She then pushes Bryce in Ned's direction with orders to get Ned to consent to surgery, then get his own moony ass to the OR.

Cut to Bryce giving Ned the direst of warnings regarding all the things that could possibly go wrong with the surgery. Ned serenely takes it all in: "You're telling me I need some sort of drug-allergy-death-surgery. I'm totally cool with it." Then Ned goes flying off across the pockmarked plains of pseudomysticism: "Some of change is happening. I don't feel nervous or afraid of anything. All that worrying all the time, it's just kept me from being the me I'm supposed to be." (While Ned Ned is laying the Oprah-speak on us all, we see him dreamily swimming out of that submerged bus again.) Snapping back to the here-and-now, Ned Ned concludes, "Six months from now, I see myself and I'm, like, this invincible, fearless black guy. Like Shaft or Bryant Gumbel." Somewhere, Greg Gumbel just threw his remote across the room all, "What the fun?" Anyway, Ned Ned is changed in the now because of what will happen in the future.

We zip to the outside of a church, then to an interior office, where Nicole is looking at a shirt of a high-fiving Christ with the legend "Jesus is my Episco-Pal!" And to think we all dismissed Buddy Christ as a joke when Dogma came out. Anyway, a dynamic youngish priest comes in, indiscreetly talking about how he's presided over 15 funerals in the last two weeks, but he somehow finds the inner strength to turn off the mobile phone and gestures for Nicole to sit down. Nicole goes to unburden her conscience, but is interrupted by the crickets that Father Seabury keeps 'cause he likes the noise they make, and after he makes some small talk about how it's not creepy at all to keep insects tucked in a desk drawer, Father Seabury then confuses Nicole with her more observant sister Paige. Nicole shares that she has the urge to volunteer, but the church is full up. Father Seabury explains, "In a crisis like this, people really want to -- well, people need to help. So, uh, why don't you tell me what this is all about?"

Nicole flashes to a shot of a dark-haired person being pushed underwater before she asks, "How do I atone for something I haven't done yet? In my flashforward, I felt like I was being punished. Do you think God made this happen?" Father Seabury is all, We did NOT cover this at Yale Divinity and he practically fidgets himself out of the scene as he stammers, "Tell you what, this is Audrey Ridgeway's number. She is the volunteer coordinator. I hope she can help." Then he hands over a tee and sprints out the door. Nicole's all, "I may not go to church much, but that is not typical."

Bryce does a little poking around online with the search term "pigment," goes to find Ned Ned, and learns he's been taken to an operating theatre. He sprints down a hall, ordering, "Call the O.R.! We're about to kill our patient."

As Olivia is scrubbing in, Bryce makes one last valiant effort to persuade her not to operate. He explains, "Ned has Addison's Disease. Surgery could kill him. In the bus crash, he was calm in the face of an insane disaster, and again today he spoke about his flashforward, and again he mentioned that he was weirdly calm and black. If he's got Addison's, then his body is making melanin compounds instead of adrenaline. That's why his skin is going to get dark. Without adrenaline, his body can't mount a proper stress response. That's why he's so serene in the face of this surgery." Olivia snaps that any schmuck with an Internet connection can tap WebMD, so Bryce is going to have to do a lot better if he's going to persuade her not to operate, because his flashforward diagnosing isn't going to cut it. Bryce talks over her, flashing forward to approximately six minutes later in the episode by pointing out that without stress hormones, Ned Ned's body won't be able to adapt to surgery, his blood pressure will tank, and he'll die. Olivia tells Bryce she has no plans to administer (possibly) life-saving hydrocortisone "just because one patient had a freaky dream."

She's on a tear, telling Bryce, "I don't know what you saw, and I don't care, but it is affecting your professional judgment and it needs to stop." Bryce calls Olivia's judgment into question and she grounds him from participating in surgery.

Outside the hospital, Lloyd's finally worked up the nerve to go into his dead ex-wife's house. After scooping up the mail that's dropped through the slot -- there is surprisingly little, so I guess some study comes out between now and April proving that junk mail only pisses people off or something -- Lloyd continues on into the dust-free house with its host of live plants. Was his ex some sort of domestic genius who invented a maintenance-free abode? Truly, the world's lost a visionary. As Lloyd wanders from room to room, he stumbles over Dylan's calendar, which is chockablock with therapy appointments. Lloyd then notices that Dylan's drawn a picture of his family that features only the boy and his mother, and when he looks away in pain, he finds "The Magician's Handbook." Lloyd's getting an idea. He sits down to read.

Ned Ned's operation is not going smoothly at all, just as Bryce flashforwarded two minutes ago. It's not until Olivia reluctantly administers hydrocortisone that Ned Ned comes back from the land of the nearly-dead. We see Bryce watching from an observation room; we do not see him mouthing, "I TOLD YOU SO."

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