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The episode begins with Charlie waking from a sound sleep and shouting for Olivia. When Olivia comforts her crying child, Charlie tells her, "Today's the day. Today's the day Daddy's gonna die." Olivia has nothing to say to that, so she kisses the top of Charlie's head and wonders how she's going to finesse the timeline when bringing Dad 2.0 around.

7:26 a.m. Simon has evidently kept Janis up all night, which su-u-ucks if she's still in the "so tired I could die" phase of pregnancy. He, however, is fueled by spite and genius. Simon expresses some minor concern over how large the howling mob will be when his name is definitively linked to the Suspect Zero footage, and whether they'll stick with the classic torches and pitchfork, or go with newfangled tasers. Janis wearily asks what Simon wants. He tells her: "I want revenge. I want to destroy the people who are responsible for the global blackout." Janis cites Hellinger as proof that the sinister world cabal behind all this is about to crumble, and Simon promptly calls BS on the argument, slyly alluding to her tenure as a mole for the cabal. He admits he doesn't know who the cabal is, but since they had him install a piece of software on the NLAP mainframe to ensure the accelerator would fire on October 6, he'd like to use that as his first clue toward tracking said cabal down. Janis tries to talk Simon out of a road trip up to Palo Alto and into a road trip to FBI HQ; he bargains, "You get me to NLAP, I'll turn myself in."

8:11 a.m. Mark and Demetri are eating a taco-truck breakfast and congratulating themselves on a night well-spent capturing Hellinger. Which is odd, since I seem to remember that scene taking place during the day in the last episode, but I suppose the paperwork could have taken a while. As might processing a passel of interchangeable henchpeople in black turtlenecks -- you'd keep getting confused, on account of them all looking alike, start double-processing ... ANYWAY. Demetri notes that he's now off to work with the digital forensics guys to try and recover some of the computer files Hellinger managed to erase. Mark is like, "That will be tough, as you're going to be spending the morning on Hawaiian Air, winging your way to the Rainbow State." And then he hands over a thoughtful gift and nice callback to prior episodes: a CD he burned with 15 different covers of "Islands in the Stream." Demetri laughs as he asks when Mark made it, and Mark cracks, "I don't get much sleep." He then gives Demetri a carpe-diem-type speech about seizing the future he used to think he didn't have, and concludes, "Even with the way everything went down, even though I lost her, marrying Olivia was the best thing I did. Don't be afraid, especially on a day like this."

Speaking of how Olivia's moving on, she's busy blowing off a phone call from Lloyd and not telling him why she thinks she needs to give Charlie 100% of her attention today. Lloyd hangs up the phone, wondering why the bitch goddess of fate has set him up with a woman who is neither free nor clear.

Mark heads into the office, covers for Demetri's absence, and runs into Vogel, who confirms that Hellinger has basically acted out the time-traveling fantasies of every market-timing aficionado on the planet: he invested in dot-coms and got out right before that bubble burst in 2000-2001, then he took those gains, sank them into real estate and got out in 2005 at the height of the market. Sadly, the show does not say where Hellinger has sunk his money now, which is too bad because I think those of us who have stuck with Flashforward through the season deserve a little sugar in the form of a buy-low-sell-high tip. Mark is like, "Please do not tell me that this vast global cabal exists solely because someone gets their yayas from market-timing. What is this vast global conspiracy to which you alluded in Hong Kong?" Vogel is like, "Imagine how you could use this technology to manipulate geopolitics." Mark tries, but he's clearly stuck on wondering what use flashforwards would be in disarming North Korea.

Wedeck comes in right then to rescue Mark; apparently the only person Hellinger will talk to is Mark Benford. Mark then heads into the fishbowl where Hellinger is waiting. The other man says crisply, "We need to talk." Mark asks if Hellinger caused the global blackout, and Hellinger says, "We need to talk about something more pressing that has to do with you." Mark repeats himself: "Did you cause the global blackout?" Hellinger says dismissively, "Yes, I caused the global blackout, but that really doesn't matter now." Ace investigator that he is, Mark completely ignores the fact that a time-traveling mastermind is trying to tell him something and dwells on the October 6 event until Hellinger gets to the scene's point: "I've seen today more times than I can remember. And a lot of those days started with me sitting right here. May I?" Mark hands him a notebook and pen. Hellinger manages, quite dextrously considering his handcuffs, to draw a diagram as he monologues: "There are so many possibilities this day could take. I have seen so many different versions of this moment, and the next one, and the next one. But in every version of the future I saw, I saw this: In this room, you will lose control, and then you'll lose everything. You're going to attack me, Mark. You're going to attack me because you realize you'll never get the answers to your questions." If Hellinger is hoping to avert a crunchy beatdown by warning Mark of what's to come, he is hoping in vain; we have a whole season of Mark blithely ignoring good advice if it might actually benefit him in the long run. Hellinger finishes by adding, "At the end of it all, you'll be killed in your office." He flips around the flow chart he made. At the bottom, it reads: Hellinger in Fri. There are then four possible paths: Prison --> Escape --> Mark Benford Dead; School --> Instruction C --> Mark Benford Dead; T-wipe --> Enact --> Mark Benford Dead; Freeway --> Evacuate --> Mark Benford Dead.

Mark ignores all this, and Hellinger's warning that "if you keep me in custody, you will die. I know it seems so self-serving, but please, you have to believe me. This is your life." Hellinger's appeals to his self-interest do not interest Mark, and so, this conversation is over. But Mark flashes to his magic mural and smugs, "You just told me what your next move is." Or, to be precise, the next four moves, but let's not get into that right now. Probability is hard!

Speaking of tricky math, Mark then wanders into Lloyd's office to remind him that the FBI's kicking civilians out of the building at noon. Lloyd's aware of this, and also seems quite aware that bitching to Mark about Olivia's lack of communication skills would be poor form. So he settles for answering Mark's questions about the tachyon constant: "It's a number physicists have been trying to crack for centuries, sort of a holy grail thing. It was on these blueprints that Dyson Frost was carrying, it was in the formula in my flashforward ... well, at 10 p.m. tonight, I was supposed to be on the verge of cracking something monumental --" Mark averts his eyes, lest he contemplate what other monumental achievements Lloyd will have made by that time "-- and that would certainly qualify." Mark lays out Hellinger's chart and what do you know, the T-wipe is actually shorthand for "tachyon wipe." Too bad nobody has any idea what it means -- only that Mark is sure Hellinger's group is going to do one today.

And now, in subplots I somewhat care about: Nicole rings Bryce's doorbell and greets him with, "Happy flashforward day! I know you love these [cupcakes]. They're for you." Giddy with sugar and infatuation, Bryce leads her inside to view his latest artistic creation: a sketch of Nicole. He says breezily, "So, I haven't planned out everything for tonight, but I thought maybe we could start with some water polo, we could bob for apples, maybe finish with some scuba diving." He finds this hilarious, but Nicole -- who has just stumbled upon Bryce's old drawing of Keiko -- c

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