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an no longer be amused because her conscience pains her too much. Nicole asks if Bryce is okay with "tonight. With us?" Bryce is like, "Let me think: Lady I have never met or cupcake-delivering lady whose throat is currently hosting my tongue? Shyeah."

Speaking of Lady Bryce has never met, she is getting word from someone vaguely official, or legal -- well, Japanese-speaking at any rate -- that she could end up moldering in this detention facility until her hearing, which will then usher in the inevitable Back-to-Nippon denouement. Keiko's none too thrilled to find out that her stay as a guest of US Immigration could be as long as a year. The agent lady tells her, "I know it's hard, but just keep believing." Keiko looks at her tattoo and perks up a bit.

LAX: Demetri's just surprised Zoey in the food court, and she is ecstatic. According to her advance agents (her parents), there's a hot tub in the room. Demetri proceeds to piss all over Zoey's good mood by blurting out that he helped Janis fulfill her flashforward -- "I slept with Janis so she could get pregnant. I know it was wrong, but the future was happening. I-- my life was ending. Another life was beginning. It sounds crazy, but I thought I was going to die, and it made sense at the time." Zoey gives him a classic Are you KIDDING me? look, and lays it out for Demetri: She spent the last few months of her life cashing in all her personal and professional chits to make sure his sorry ass didn't check out on March 15, and the fact that he would schtupp Janis in a fit of fatalism more or less tells her that he had no faith in the two of them sharing a future. Demetri tries to placate her with, "You were right. I want to start over. Please marry me. Please marry me." Zoey is all, "So, I'm still going to Hawaii. But you are uninvited. And I don't know if I'll be calling you when I get back." Good for her! She leaves Demetri sitting in the food court wondering what he's going to do with 15 different covers of "Islands in the Stream."

And now, in subplots that are lucky to be noticed, much less summed up in one paragraph: Aaron is ecstatic that he's brought Tracy to the place he saw in his flashforward! So clearly everything is going to be okay! Except ... he conveniently forgets that his flashforward ends with him meeting up at Tracy's bedside, and there are things that happen after that tiny moment. Most of those things involve Tracy dying from the wounds sustained during her torture. Aaron goes a little berserk and beats up one of the Jericho goons who conveniently admits that Jericho didn't want to kill her, they wanted to know why she didn't pass out when they conducted that little flashforward experiment on a remote Afghani village. OF COURSE Jericho is but one player in the global cabal to profit from market-timing. Anyway: We have one episode left to see how or if Aaron gets back to the states, and one episode left to wonder why or if this is tight writing with the Jericho/cabal connection, or just a hasty way to tie up loose ends.

Back in Los Angeles, Mark is telling Wedeck he's just cross-referenced all of Hellinger's financial records against the word "Tachyon," finds a business intelligence company by that name in nearby Arcadia, and thinks they should all head on over. Vogel is openly skeptical -- thank God someone is, because Mark was looking at a flow chart of possibilities, not a simple linear diagram -- but it's for naught because a) this is Mark Benford, and b) we have reached the point in the episode where Mark has to be wrong about his initial hunch and have it go pear-shaped, so that he can have some heroic flash of insight later that will somehow magically erase his original screw-up. So Mark announces that he's going into the Tachyon data warehouse, and Wedeck joins Vogel's O RLY Chorus with "Hellinger's smart enough to organize a global blackout. You really think he'd be sloppy enough to leave you a clue like this." Mark does. Vogel sighs, rolls his eyes, and decrees that Mark doesn't get to go to the data warehouse; he gets to talk more to Hellinger and a special-ops team will be sacrificed off-screen to prove what a dumb idea Benford's had.

Back at Janis's place, Simon's jibbering excitedly about picking up the necessary tools for breaking into NLAP. Janis -- who is wearing the same purple top we've seen in her flashforwards -- is all, "What, at Ace Hardware?" Simon rolls his eyes all, "Not that kind of hardware." As he and Janis prepare to leave, who should be waiting at the door but Demetri? He pulls a gun and shouts, "What's he doing here, Janis?" Janis sort-of lies that Simon's turning himself in. She leaves out the NLAP part.

However, in the next scene, Demetri's all up to speed, and he's sort of incredulous that Janis is going along with Simon's plan, as "he used that machine to put the world to sleep last time." Simon angrily refutes this. This standoff -- everyone pointing guns at everyone else -- is sort of tedious, which is disappointing, as it's got Janis trying to trade on her friendship with Demetri, Demetri all strung out from exhaustion and being dumped because he did Janis a hell of a favor, and Simon edgy because he thirsts for the opportunity to effect a global TOLD YOU SO. So Janis disarms Simon -- who punches her right in the uterus, thereby setting up her tense emergency doctor's appointment late in the day -- and she and Demetri exchange looks, which suggests that they've come to some sort of agreement. But Simon doesn't get this, so he hisses to Janis, "You're going to regret this for the rest of your life."

Hey, remember how I talked about the sacrificial special-ops team? Guess who just got sacrificed as Mark and Vogel listened hopelessly over the radio? We cut to Hellinger looking completely unsurprised by what's going on, and Mark catches sight of him, then charges in to deliver an ass-kicking. Wedeck stops him this time, while Vogel elaborately rolls his eyes in the background. And before Mark can protest too much, Olivia swings by with Charlie. Vogel gives the little girl a sick look before disappearing; Mark hugs his daughter. Olivia explains that Charlie's a bit of a basket case right now: "She just needed her dad. I really didn't know what else to do."

Mark goes into his office, where Charlie's waiting, and she tells him, "I don't want you to die." Mark isn't sure how to answer that without lying, so he cuddles her and says, "I need to ask you to do something for me. Something really, really hard. Don't be afraid. I mean, it's okay to be afraid. It is. But that's just what happens at first. After that, you have to tell yourself something: 'My daddy loves me, and everything will be okay, no matter what.' It's not easy, 'cause things can be scary, bigger than us. But we can fight it. That's what I do. I tell myself, 'Charlie loves me, and everything will be okay, no matter what.' I tell myself that, and it makes me strong. It makes me brave, 'cause when I say that you're always with me. [And when you say it], I'm always with you. I love you so much. I love you with everything I've got." And by the end of that, Charlie is crying, Olivia is crying, Mark is crying, and I am getting a little verklempt. I'm not made of stone here, people. I was conditioned by Disney movies at an early age -- the parent always goes away and it's very sad.

So let's move to something cheerier! It's 3:37 p.m. and Demetri's loading a handcuffed Simon into an SUV. He makes a last-ditch plea to Janis, and asks how on Earth she can trust Simon. She dully replies, "After all the lying, I've realized, you get to a point where you just can't do it anymore." There's a brief exchange where Janis declines Demetri's offer to head into the office together, then he drives off. And THEN, Demetri throws the car into reverse, rolls down the window and says, "This NLAP thing is totally insane ... get in." Oh boy! We have a wacky road trip comedy now!

Cut to Lloyd and Dylan discussing Lloyd's work, which is spread out all over the living room floor. Dylan begins re-sorting the pages, insisting, "All the ones with numbers have t

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