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Al Gough Died for Nothing

We begin in lovely Palo Alto -- "Old shot," observes Mr. Sobell, before wandering off, "because the stadium's not where it should be" -- which is the headquarters for NLAP. Remember NLAP, which functions as a home for wayward physics geniuses? Two of them are talking now. Simon is razzing Lloyd for wearing the same sports coat he was wearing when NLAP broke ground on its accelerator. Lloyd claims it was an accident, but Simon smirks, "There are no accidents, Lloyd. I detect some sublimated sentiment bubbling to the surface." Lloyd deflects by pointing out, "This is a big deal for both of us. We've been working on tachyons for 12 years. This is our moment, Simon." He hands over a rocks glass -- and how much do I love it that Lloyd keeps a set of proper barware in his office? -- and the two toast one another. Lloyd frets about the experiment which is 48 hours away, and Simon says lightly, "We're simulating the Big Bang. What could go wrong?" Famous last words, those.

When his phone rings, it's his mum calling to break the news about his father's death. We know this because the soundtrack gets very sad, but to Simon's credit, he asks immediately about Annabel and says he'll take the first flight home.

We then jump to the day of the experiment. James Frain is busy telling a science reporter that Simon won't be with them that day owing to a death in the family. Can I derail this paragraph to talk about how awesome James Frain generally is in TV shows? Because he was in The Tudors -- a show that is generally highly enjoyable because Jonathan Rhys Myers has decided that what his Henry VIII lacks in avoirdupois, he'll make up with rabid eye-rolling -- and lent that series some intelligence and gravitas. I think every show should deploy James Frain at some point. He classes up a joint.

ANYWAY, now that I've gotten that thespian Berberism out of my system, the scene: Science Reporter Angie Tremont is here to document the experiment, and she discovers that Lloyd is what one could charitably call "a tough interview." Then James Frain launches the experiment with "Initiate -- here goes nothing." "Or everything," Lloyd breathes nervously. Then the CGI budget takes over, we get some goofy-assed graphics which show waves radiating out all over the world as all the flashforwards somehow zip into being, and then everyone passes out. Since this is a futuristic laboratory and not a Crate & Barrel, there is a shortage of soft, upholstered places to land. Lloyd and James Frain -- a.k.a. Dr. Myhill -- discover that Angie Tremont had struck her head on the way down and bled out.

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