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Al Gough Died for Nothing

Mark asks if Simon seemed odd on the day of the blackout, and Lloyd is all, "I don't know, as he was in Toronto for his father's funeral." Then he remembers that Simon was most insistent that the NLAP experiment take place at its foreordained time, no matter what. Mark asks, "Is Simon capable of engineering a global blackout?" Lloyd points out that, unfettered as he is by conventional morality and abetted by a brain that could power a small island nation, Simon is theoretically capable of anything. "And he always has a plan," Lloyd adds ominously.

Cut to the computer whiz kid, Mark and Wedeck reviewing the footage of Suspect Zero. Mark's then cross-checked plane traffic in and out of Toronto... and they realize that Simon is their Suspect Zero. And now he's gone over to the cabal, to engineer another blackout for the people who had been holding his sister hostage.

So this series is shaping up to be Simon vs. Lloyd -- which physicist will prevail? And who will Mark ultimately end up helping? We have three more episodes to find out.

Find out what this show's chances are for getting a second season.

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