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Al Gough Died for Nothing

Back to the actual plotlines... Agent Fiona Banks is back! And she's investigating a crime scene. Demetri comes in, and Fiona gives him the skinny: the dead guy, Andrew Weeks, was supposed to die on March 2 thanks to a drug allergy, but he survived the date. He did not, however, survive the rat poison some barista put in his coffee. Demetri ponders, "Weeks had a room full of guns and you poison a guy... why?" Fiona points out that Weeks was supposed to die of a drug allergy, not a gunshot wound, so the murderer is merely trying to make the cause of death as close to what it "should" have been as possible. Oh, Celia. Beware of people driving bumper cars with mad gleams in their eyes! Anyway, Andrew Weeks had some Blue Hand invites among his personal effects, and Fiona says, "That's why I'm here. There's been four Blue Hand deaths in the L.A. area in the past three weeks." Forgive me for sounding jingoistic here, but why in the blue hell is British intelligence looking at this? There's been a rash of Blue Hand murders in Newcastle, fine, send Fiona in with crime-solving instincts a-flare. But the FBI should, in theory, be the ones fielding the L.A. area Blue Hand murders. Unless they're all too busy with the Dyson Frost thing and the being-a-mole thing and the I-send-people-to-Afghanistan-on-the-sly thing and the "Half our office was shot up, so we're a little short of manpower, okay?" thing. ANYWAY. Unsurprisingly, Demetri is interested and concerned at the idea that someone out there is knocking off people who were already supposed to be dead.

Lloyd and Olivia are walking, coffee cups in hand, as Lloyd rants about how he lied on national TV in re: the possibility of no blackouts. Then he frets about the possibility of brain damage, and Olivia pooh-poohs that idea, since it would have been reported/observed prior to some shut-in asking about it on a call-in show. I am still stuck on the point when these two became coffee buddies. Did we miss a scene somewhere? Or is this really an excuse to have Lloyd offer Olivia his arm and make mooncalf eyes at her? Because it works on that level, but I still feel like we're missing something.

Back at the FBI office, Simon is rolling into Mark's office all, "You rang?" Mark pissily informs him, "You may think that offering a junior analyst a weekend at the Bunny Ranch will get him to jeopardize his job, but it won't." Oh, Milquetoast. You have a serious lack of imagination. Simon gives Mark an incomplete rundown on the Annabel situation, conveniently neglecting to mention the whole "Oh, and the reason she was taken was because I work for a shadowy cabal that brought about the October 6 flashforward." Simon claims he wants to find Annabel. Mark is all, "Whatever. Now let me shock and awe you with the power of what a legitimate FBI query can find." The answer: a legitimate FBI query can find the footage from the first few minutes of this episode. Mark is all, "Tell me what's going on." Simon, having been called out on his incomplete story, decides to spin an elaborate lie about how his sister's been brainwashed by a cult and he was merely trying to persuade her to come home. Mark nails him: "You're lying. She didn't run away. She was kidnapped. Look at her body language. She's terrified. How long have you known about this?" Simon tries to redirect and snaps, "This is my sister, I'll do anything to find her." Mark says, "That's what I'm afraid of. Someone knows you feel this way, they'll use it against you as leverage. And considering what you know, that could be a lot of leverage." "Are you suggesting I've been compromised?" Simon huffs. No, Simon, Mark's not really "suggesting" so much as he is whipping out semaphore flags and sending brightly-colored signals that he knows you've been compromised. And he's pissed because he thinks you've put the entire Mosaic investigation in jeopardy.

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