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Al Gough Died for Nothing

In the next scene, Lloyd is beavering away at the QED, trying to figure out how "something in the ring has to be maintaining superposition" while Simon obsessively watches the footage of himself and Annabel on the bridge. Lloyd calls Simon on his distraction, and huffs, "Could you focus a little? We've done enough damage. Maybe we can put something right." Instead of easing Lloyd's guilt for once and for all by admitting that Lloyd is not so much at fault as in the wrong physics lab at the wrong time, Simon gets unnecessarily personal with, "Just because you feel guilty about lying on the news and want to save the world doesn't mean we can make it happen. It's all Lloyd Simcoe's fault and now he wants to save the day. It's a little messianic, don't you think?" Lloyd pretends not to know what Simon's talking about it, and as Lloyd puts away the QED, Simon attempts to grind the guilt a little further: "Millions of deaths. It's an overwhelming concept, numbers like that. You lose track of individuals. They fall through the cracks. A single person doesn't even matter." Lloyd's all, "I feel as if you've lost your main point here?" and Simon finally comes clean about Annabel. Lloyd is taken aback and says, "Why didn't you tell me? I would have helped!" Simon sneers, "How?" and Lloyd stammers, "Well, I don't know, but I would have... well, now I just feel useless." Relieved to have something else to lash at Lloyd with, Simon tells him, "It's not about you, Lloyd. I had to deal with the situation as best I could for Annabel. Now I'm sorry I didn't keep you in the loop -- I've been kind of busy." Then he huffs off. Oh, Simon. You're really uncomfortable with people unless you're antagonizing them, aren't you?

Mark has taken the Simon-is-compromised concern to Wedeck, who is all, "Yeah, he probably is, but we need his big cranky brain. So let's find the sister." Oh, I'm sure Simon will love that.

Meanwhile, Demetri and Fiona have headed to a high school where formerly-enthusiastic Blue Hand participant and miraculously-not-dead-yet humanities teacher Mr. Slingerland is busy shaping young minds. Oddly enough, he's drinking coffee from the same type of cup Andrew Weeks had in his office. There's an exquisitely deadpan interrogation between Demetri and Slingerland where the teacher says, "I suppose the universe has to balance itself... Life is energy, you see. As each new life begins, another ends. And if you mess with that balance, the universe pushes back." So... the law of conservation of energy is somehow applicable to population control? Wha --? Huh? Honestly, this whole whackadoodle theory reminded me of the plotline in J. Michael Straczynski's comic series Rising Stars, wherein a small group of superpowered individuals somehow learned that when one died, their power dispersed to the others. Needless to say, the motivation to "balance" things out in favor of a select few provided both character motivation and plot twists. Go find the trades. ANYWAY, Slingerland is sufficiently creepy to arouse suspicion, but Fiona gamely asks him for lists of known Blue Handers.

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