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Al Gough Died for Nothing

We're now at Our Lady of the Greatly Improved Lighting, and Olivia's getting the 411 on Gabriel (who's pumped full of antibiotics owing to something having to do with his feet. Again, I feel like a scene was cut that would have explained his presence at the hospital and why the surgeon Olivia was treating him). After that's done with, Dylan materializes and asks where Charlie is. Olivia's happy to see Dylan but is understandably curious as to how he came to be in the sick-people ward, and Lloyd pops up to explain that Dylan's here for occupational therapy. "He was hoping to see you, and so was I." How sweet. And possibly awkward.

Then Gabriel blares, "Lloyd. Lloyd Simcoe. I knew it. You're supposed to be with Olivia." As Lloyd bristles over this stranger saying wish-fulfillment-type things, Olivia tries to hustle Gabriel back to his bed. Gabriel starts singing, "Lloyd and Olivia sitting in a tree," and Olivia shuts that down as she steers Gabriel back to his bed. But Gabriel's in the mood for small talk: "It's so good that you're back together with Lloyd now. It's so good." Olivia mumbles, "It's complicated." Gabriel continues as he climbs into bed, "You're the best thing since sliced bread, yes? You're the best thing since sliced bread!"

Vreede appears then, with a hamburger for Gabriel, and asks to talk to Olivia. Gabriel demands, "Where's the beef?" and Vreede equitably answers, "I got it right here." Gabriel sets to his hamburger with a wary look. Vreede draws Olivia away from Gabriel so he can ask how the patient is and when they can bring him down to the FBI, and as Olivia stalls on the answers, Gabriel is mimicking every movement she makes and every sentence she utters. Clearly, he's seen this in his flashforwards a lot. Vreede wants to ask Gabriel a few questions here and now, and Gabriel immediately goes from calm (possibly soothed over seeing another piece of the future falling into place) to fixated on his hamburger. Vreede would like to know how it is that Gabriel came to have an exact replica of the Mosaic project board in a notebook. We do find out that Gabriel saw the board in a flashforward: "I was there, on a trip. I saw it." But any mention of a flashforward seems to send him into a snit. This one concerns the onion, lettuce and pickle on his hamburger. (He is, however, more than okay with tomato.) Vreede gives Gabriel a suspicious look, as if to wonder how much of his behavior is meant to distract others from figuring out what Gabriel knows. Or maybe from asking how it is that Gabriel and his now-dead friend came to survive the original kill order at Raven River.

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