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Al Gough Died for Nothing

Lloyd is leaving FBI HQ for the night when Simon approaches him and says, "I'm here to make up for my bad behavior." Lloyd mumbles that Simon's been under a lot of stress, but Simon presses on: "I just wanted to say thanks. Cambridge, the Brewschlagger Fellowship, for getting me in into NLAP." Lloyd is uncomfortable with this naked sincerity, and he says, "I did it for selfish reasons, Simon. You make me look good." Simon won't let him off the hook, and says with uncharacteristic sincerity, "Gracious as well. You helped me out, and you know it. I wouldn't be anywhere without you. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Annabel. Truly, I am. I should've months ago, and it's been eating away at me. I've been pretending I was fine. I should have said something." Lloyd says, "I'm sorry I couldn't help. I would have, you know?" Simon knows: "I know you would. You're the only real friend I have." Lloyd can sense that this is out of the ordinary and offers to take Simon out for a drink. Simon says, "I'll see you, Lloyd," and beats a hasty retreat.

Fiona's in her office, staring off in self-reproach and recalling Al Gough. Demetri tells her, "What happened to Fiona, it's not your fault." She's not buying it. Her phone rings, and she has a conversation with the hospital that is uncannily like the one that Al had: "What happened to Celia was an accident." Fiona's not buying it; she tells the voice on the other end, "There are no accidents anymore." Demetri looks even more uneasy.

And now, time for Mark Benford to pull off yet another living-legend rescue of someone in distress, which he does in the space of three minutes. He sure knows how to canvass a block! Once the purloined van is found, Mark opens it and sees Annabel. He calls Simon to let him know that Annabel is safe and sound (all things considered), and when Simon hops on the line with Annabel, he tells her, "No matter what happens, baby sister, remember: I love you. Goodbye, 'Bel." He then hangs up on Mark -- who immediately detects something being wrong -- and heads out of his hotel room.

Cut to Wedeck and Mark sprinting into the lab for the sole purpose of having Wedeck growl, "He took the damn ring!" Well, yes. That is what hobbits do. They take rings from one place and bring them to another. If the FBI had bothered sinking ten hours into the Lord of the Rings boxed DVD set, this wouldn't have been such a surprise.

Since Lloyd couldn't tie one on with Simon, he's consoled himself by having Olivia come over so she can show him MRIs of people's brains and confirm that verily, the flashforwards did not cause any notable damage. Then Lloyd asks what Gabriel's on about with the "Olivia and Lloyd, kissing in a tree," and Olivia says slowly, "That's what he saw in his flashforwards." Lloyd asks, "Were we happy?" Olivia grins up at him, "I know how I felt in mine." Cue the mutual face-sucking. Unfortunately, it's interrupted by a knock on the door. Lloyd kisses Olivia on the forehead very sweetly before going to answer the door. And... oh, this is awkward, because Mark has just dropped by. Yes! Mark! Remember him -- Olivia's husband, to whom she is still married? Mark seems surprised and taken aback to see Olivia, and she's all, "I was just leaving! Bye, Mark! I'll call you!" and after Mark stops looking so gut-punched, he tells Lloyd that Simon took off. Lloyd is not surprised, somehow.

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