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Tonight We're Going to Party Like It's April 29
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We begin at 8:42 p.m. Mark is sitting in a holding cell -- surprisingly empty, leading one to conclude that perhaps everyone who flashed forward to being in jail took steps to prevent that future from coming true -- and sniveling as he scratches his friendship bracelet and stares at his wedding ring. If he's trying to make us feel sorry for him, it's not really working.

Meanwhile, Olivia and Charlie are on a beach in Malibu. Nicole is sitting at Bryce's place, marinating in self-loathing. Keiko is slouching into LAX with her mom, trying to convince her that really, what she needs is to be with the man she saw in her flashforward.

Speaking of which, guess who's just bribed a security guard at the detention center for information on Keiko? Bryce may be a fickle SOB, but he really does commit to his lady of the minute.

And this show throws us the biggest bone EVER by getting rid of its Plot-we-can-dispense-of-in-a-paragraph before the five-minute mark. Here it is: We zip to Afghanistan, where the sheer power of Aaron's belief in his flashforward brings Tracy back from the dead. Yes! Just like in Pet Sematary, only without the unholy ghouls possessing the reanimated corpse! Merely Tracy's completely unwinning personality! Aaron is so relieved that his future came true just as he foresaw, he willingly babbles to Mark on the phone later about how "we'll wind up where we're supposed to be." And then we never see him again, so the First Unanswered Question of the show is: How ever will Aaron and Tracy get out of Afghanistan? (Corollary to the first question: Do you care?)

Back in the states, Demetri, Simon and Janis pull up at one of NLAP's many access points. Simon matter-of-factly outlines his plans to get inside, find the software he had planted, and use it to destroy the shadowy cabal. Demetri merely shrugs; he's worked with Mark long enough to know what grandiose nonsense people are capable of spouting. And Janis looks peeved, since "identify these people to the government" and "destroy them on my own" are not really synonymous and Simon had already agreed to the former. Simon could care less about Janis's moods. He whips out a doodad and says someone's got to get it close to the security guard, so that the device can then transmit relevant security codes to Simon's phone, and he can thus break into NLAP with a minimum of A-Team-style mayhem. Demetri pooh-poohs this latest scheme, but Janis figures she can multitask: A. Get close to the guard by gabbling about her possible miscarriage, and B. Get the code transmitted to Simon while she waits for an ambulance to whisk her off to Palo Alto's finest medical institution.

Meanwhile, Wedeck springs Mark from the pokey with a disgruntled, "Don't tell me I won't regret doing this." So Mark wisely shuts up and takes back his suit jacket, badge and gun.

Once they're in the car, Wedeck cops to being a bad manager, saying he let Mark's squishy beatdown of Hellinger happen, ergo he's responsible for it. "We've been so focused on trying to stop the next blackout, I haven't seen what's been going on with you." Mark wryly quips, "I've been meaning to talk to you about your priorities lately." And I've been meaning to raise Unanswered Question Number Two: Did Mrs. Wedeck bring home that little boy, per her flashforward? Because we heard about that once and there has never been any follow-up. Mark and Wedeck's little moment is interrupted when some random guy calls Wedeck and says they've found two bombs in the L.A. FBI office, the bombs are on timers, and there may be more. So Wedeck takes the unstable Mark and drives toward the danger.

And now, Janis does her convincing impersonation of a desperate and panicky pregnant woman. As she swoons into the security guard's arms, she manages to plant the doodad, thereby letting Demetri and Simon onto the campus. Demetri frets over Janis, but Simon's all, "Dude, she's headed to a hospital. FOCUS!"

Back on the Malibu beach, Charlie is whinging about wanting to go home, and Olivia is trying to shut down that conversation but then -- oh, look, it's Lloyd and Dylan! Olivia conveniently sends the kids off-screen and asks Lloyd how he found her. He sheepishly answers, "My people called your people," and we see two FBI agents in the parking lot, probably rolling their eyes as they realize that indeed, in terms of flashforwards, "Babysitting these two" is not nearly so cool as some of the other things people have seen. Lloyd explains that he must recreate the conditions he saw in his flashforward, or else he may not be able to solve whatever it was he was on the verge of solving. Olivia has had quite enough of the future-is-predestined-so-go-along-with-it talk and tells Lloyd he's welcome to let himself in and replicate as many of the conditions as he can. Lloyd's all, "I would, except that you're part of this. Gabriel said so!" This isn't good enough for Olivia, who gripes that Mark pushed her away to save the world, and she's not about to go blithely tripping down a foreordained path just because the world's in danger. Lloyd, however, says the magic words: "I can't push you away. I can't do this alone." Olivia folds like a stack of tees at the Gap.

Bryce and Nicole meet awkwardly outside the detention center, and Bryce details his latest Keiko-stalking efforts. Nicole makes a very sincere apology for trying to keep Bryce and Keiko apart, and Bryce apologizes for his prior "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with" ethos and simpers, "This whole thing with her was meant to be." They part, with Bryce not saying anything like "Good luck not drowning!" Team Brycole is dead to me, thanks to Bryce's ridiculous vacillation. Boo. BOOOOOO.

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