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Tonight We're Going to Party Like It's April 29

Meanwhile, at LAX, Keiko's mom decides to create a massive security disturbance in line -- we're talking assaulting federal agents here -- so her daughter can make a run for it and get to the sushi restaurant in time to meet Bryce. I'd cheer for maternal devotion, but you're telling me not one of these agent foresaw writing an incident report about the crazed Nipponese matron who gave them a black eye? And you're telling me nobody thought to draw a weapon once a non-English-speaking person flipped out in an airport? I call shenanigans.

At the FBI building, Mark is trying to persuade Wedeck that he can be let in on the big Who Put Bombs in My Building? Investigation of 2010, and Wedeck snarls, "So help me, Mark, all the glorious choirs of heaven, if you step out of this car, I will have your head on a plate." Mark rolls his eyes at this but elects to keep silent because he isn't slated to be killed for another few minutes. Wedeck then whips out a phone and says, "You need a friend, so I tracked him down for you. Someone to keep you company while you wait." Yes, but it's Aaron with his "You choose what's next, and you'll wind up right where you're supposed to be" twaddle, so that's hardly going to convince Benford to stay out of the building.

Mark then jumps out of the car, has a fruitless conversation with Hellinger -- who apparently has already placed his agents within the SWAT team, if his not-at-all-discreet-nod to a bunch of goons in black is to be believed -- and then saunters into the bomb-filled building. And it hit me as I watched that scene: I am far, far more interested in what happens to Hellinger than I am with what happens with Mark.

Meanwhile, at stately Benford Manor, the writers contrive yet again to get the children off-screen in a mercifully quick fashion, thereby giving Lloyd and Olivia time to stand around awkwardly and count down the minutes to their future. They more or less agree there will be no horizontal warm-up to the future, which is sort of a shame, what with that being one of the main points to their flashforwards and Lloyd's ceaseless nattering about replicating conditions of the flashforwards. Then again, with Charlie and Dylan rampaging through the house unchecked, it's probably for the best.

At NLAP, there's a brief security glitch with a sliding door, and while Simon seems genuinely confused about it, Demetri goes from zero to "I WILL SHOOT YOU, YOU CANADIAN TRAITOR TO HUMANITY" in approximately 12 seconds. Once Simon manages to open the door, he reminds Demetri, "Your friend wanted you to trust me." Demetri corrects him: "Janis wanted me to help you. I do not trust you." Simon sighs and pulls out his QED. He hands it to Demetri with "This is the last piece of leverage I have left. And now you have it. Let's get to work, shall we?" Then he whirls around, clearly broadcasting, "I don't have time for this." I do have to admit, Simon's peremptory pissiness has really grown on me.

Back at the FBI building, Vogel's sprinting out when he crashes into Mark, who's sprinting in. Mark asks, "What's the update?" and Vogel does not even bother to hide his eye-roll when he answers, "Bombs, Mark." HA! If you had told me back in December that Vogel would become one of the season's/series' highlights, I'd have thought you had flashed to a delusional, absinthe-filled future. And yet here we are. Just goes to show you, the universe is unpredictable. The point to this conversation: Mark is going to go save Mosaic -- since that's what's obviously being attacked here -- and Vogel promises Mark that he'll "secure Simcoe." Vogel then admits his flashforward to Mark: "You should know I saw myself telling someone you were dead." Mark pauses for only a moment before saying, "Lloyd Simcoe's key. We need him alive." Vogel points out that the same can be said of Mark. Mark dismissively says, "I'll keep that in mind."

Speaking of Simcoes who should be kept alive, we learn that Dylan, not Lloyd is the one who writes the intricate physics formula on Olivia's bedroom mirror. "I always assumed I'd written it. I guess Dylan must have memorized it this afternoon, " Lloyd muses. Olivia sends the children out of the scene yet again -- possibly because they're being paid by the minute and their rates are eating into the show's special-effects budget? -- and asks Lloyd what the meaning of her new bedroom graffiti is. Lloyd explains: "This equation somehow links the QED, the blueprints and the flashforward all together." Olivia asks, "But it's a math problem -- how could it possibly tie all these things together?" Lloyd is lost in reverie as he replies, "It's the tachyon constant. It's the greatest mystery in all of quantum physics. And I have to solve it right now." The two of them sit on the bed, looking as if they'd rather be anywhere else.

And now, Hellinger's team has slaughtered the rest of the SWAT team, put on their goofy Halloween masks, and headed into the building toward Mark's vision of the future.

Meanwhile, Janis is being wheeled in to see the neonatologist on duty at the local hospital. The doctor's totally chill -- "Everything's going to be okay. That's what we saw, right?" Janis, however, is not at all chill: "I haven't felt her move in three hours!" Note to all TV writers who are plotting character's fictitious pregnancies: Go to babycenter.com and read the dang timeline of fetal milestones. Janis is only 14-15 weeks along, and she's a first-time mother; the odds of her being able to do kick counts this early in the game are really, really low. Human biology does not plot along the lines of conception à tiny Tito Puente impersonations in the womb within seconds.

Cut to Wedeck absorbing the news that his idiot underling is in the building with the bomb. "Where I left my car keys," Vreede dolefully adds. Wedeck calculates that there's 23 minutes until the building blows, so they'll fetch both Mark and the car keys.

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