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Tonight We're Going to Party Like It's April 29

Olivia may not be a math genius, but she's sure that at 10 p.m., this will all make sense. She then natters on something about living in the moment, but every time I try to transcribe it, my consciousness steadfastly refuses to live in the moment, so we'll all have to settle for knowing that apparently, all it takes to get Olivia into the sack is your kid vandalizing her room with some cosmetics.

And now, the most bad-ass 30 seconds of the episode: Vreede and Wedeck pull their guns and decide to clear a stairwell. I would not want to meet either one of them. And Mark is standing in his office, breathing, "I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be."

So is Bryce, but the officious maitre'd at the sushi restaurant is not about to let him crash the private party currently booked for the venue. Bryce is saved by the waitress, who concludes he's Keiko's man and ushers him right in. Then Keiko -- whose cab gets stuck in traffic -- replicates her flashforward by sprinting through the streets of Los Angeles, guitar in hand.

And what of the jilted Nicole? She's driving and crying, which is hell on her road alertness, and as she swerves through a hairpin curve, she nearly hits another car, swerves away, and ends up going into a pond and right into her watery future.

At NLAP, Simon still hasn't found the bit of software he needs. He declares it Miller time ("Beer helps me cogitate") and soothes Demetri's extracurricular worries with "Janis is going to be okay. She saw it in her flashfoward." Having dispensed with Demetri's pesky human emotions, Simon settles at his terminal and gets to work. First, he sends Lloyd a text -- "an equation for a damped one-dimensional wave" -- telling Demetri that it was Lloyd's email signature for years, adding, "He used to call it his tearful goodbye." Demetri asks, "Is that physics humor?" Simon explains that he's merely sending the text because Lloyd saw it -- "an inside joke for an inside joke." Then he and Demetri both look up at a clock, which shows fewer than 30 seconds left to the moment when the present catches up with the future.

Cut to a raucous party scene. Whee! The future's here! That's good news if you're not Nicole! Everyone else seems to be okay.

It turns out that Simon's text sparks some sort of inspiration on Lloyd's behalf and he calls notable non-physicist Mark to tell him, "The constant I've been looking for isn't a number. It's a wave. If I plug the wave into the blueprint equation, I get an interval which, if added to the previous blackout, tells us ... the next blackout is some time in April 2010, which means it's in the next two days."

We take a break to let that sink in. During the break, Keiko and Bryce have their flashforward meet-cute, and Nicole continues toward her watery final resting place. (I cannot believe Bryce has conveniently forgotten all about her flashforward. What. A. Tool.) And then, we find out that the mysterious man from Nicole's flashforward was not drowning her, he was trying to save her. And he succeeds.

Speaking of "he," guess what Janis just found out? Her baby's a boy. So much for that immutable, inevitable future, eh? Or does this presage another "the universe is out of whack" timeline? We'll never know, so that makes this the series' Unanswered Question Number Three.

At the FBI building, Wedeck is hunkering down in the bathroom, ready to blow away any sap with murderous intent and poor bladder control. It's a clever twist on his original flashforward.

At NLAP, Demetri says with no small amount of relief, "We're almost through this thing. We can finally go back to the way things used to be, where the only stuff we see is what's right in front of us." Where we don't throw away a stable relationship with a woman who will do anything for us in order to fulfill our best friend's fertility-fueled flashforward, he does not add. Simon sighs, "Welcome to the future."

In a part of the FBI that is not yet pocked with bullets, Mark figures out that Gabriel encoded the date and time of the next flashforward onto the current Mosaic mural. Oh, the insane! So quirky and obfuscating! So convenient to the plot! So ... telling us the next blackout is going to happen in like, 12 minutes.

Mark would tell people, but first he has to survive being hunted by what look like the unholy offspring of mimes and ninjas.

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