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Free Will is for Suckers
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Two years before the blackout... We're in the LA office where Mark Benford and his hair accessory are busy lecturing a huge clot of new agents on the glory and wonder of working for the FBI. Standing in the very front of the group: Al Gough (we miss you!), Janis, Marcie and Demetri. Mark says, "Today won't be the most important day in your career as an FBI agent. That day is somewhere down the line. You won't see it coming. It sneaks up on you. It'll most likely be an anonymous moment, a crossroads where you're asked to do something, make some kind of personal sacrifice for the good of someone else, and that person may never know your name, or see your face, or even understand what you did." The camera swoops in on Gough standing and listening intently. This show! So subtle! Mark finishes, "But you'll know. And isn't that why you're here, after all? Because you can be counted on to do the right thing at the right time, every time." We land on Demetri.

Then all the new agents are comparing assignments. Demetri originally had Vreede and Gough had Benford, but Demetri begs for a switch because "He's a legend. He's done it all!" And because Gough's a good guy, he does switch. Janis sighs that she's in analysis, but Marcie mopes that she has it worse, as she's reporting to Janis in analysis. "How can that be -- I scored higher than you?" she wonders. Janis is like, "In one category," then tries to cheer Marcie. Gough awkwardly exposits that they've been a team since Quantico, and Marcie -- determined to throw a pity party now that she's decorated for it -- mopes, "What am I, the mascot?" Janis consolingly says, "You're our captain. You'll outpace all of us, I'm sure of it." I really dislike how they're shoehorning in all this back history now, like Marcie's been there all along. It doesn't sync up with any of the prior episodes.

In the present, a somewhat bruised Marcie is about to be interviewed by Mark and Demetri. She looks determined not to say anything. And she sort of sticks to that, in that she says nothing of substance. She doesn't know who tried to blow up the guys in DC. Demetri gets heated, and Mark gives him a time-out from talkies -- after all, Demetri's only got three days left, so why spend them looking at Marcie's sullen mug? -- then collars Janis for help. She either feigns disbelief or is genuinely surprised by this.

So Janis takes a run at Marcie, first by asking what her duties were (Marcie basically did weekly dead drops), and who recruited her. Marcie says only, "I was approached by a man three months before the blackout hit. He asked if I wanted to be a part of something big. You think I sold out my friends and my country, but you don't know me." Janis moves an eyebrow a millimeter to indicate her surprise and says almost mockingly, "Why don't you enlighten us?" Marcie replies, "Come on. Don't you remember my flashforward? [Pause.] No, you don't. Because neither of you ever bothered to ask me what I saw."

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