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Free Will is for Suckers

Seriously? How, on a show that had FBI agents being polygraphed as they recounted their flashforwards earlier, did the anyone on the Mosaic team manage to slip through the ol' security net? You would think that step one would be going over everyone's flashforwards for leads and indications of where everyone's interconnected. Good Christ, ISIS could run this investigation more competently. And more entertainingly, I might add.

But back on this show, we see Marcie rocking the orange prison jumpsuit and smugly telling her lawyer, "Until I tell them who recruited me, I'm indispensable." In the present, Marcie claims that in her flashforward, she's happier than she's been in years, because, "for the first time since I got here, I actually felt like I was important." Mark actually facepalms, he's so exasperated. Wedeck opens the door and summons Mark; apparently there's an intragency pissing contest over who should keep Marcie in custody, and it appears the NSA (or the CIA) is winning. Wedeck recognizes this as political football, and tries to rally the troops after Marcie's been marched out by the menacing-looking agent. He orders everyone to get back to the whole flashforward investigation -- something made simpler when Demetri pops up to say that his future murder weapon was just fingered in a killing that morning.

We pan out over L.A.'s endless sprawl, and zip over to a church that plainly runs a homeless shelter for the nights. Mark asks for some exposition, and Demetri -- reclining in style in what I can only hope is a clean cot -- explains: "Fifty-five year old, in his cot, presumably asleep. At 3:33 a.m., the shooter walked up to him, and a couple of insomniacs heard him say, 'I knew it would be you. I just didn't want to believe.' The shooter must have had a silencer on your gun, and he plugged him three times in the chest." While Demetri's recounting this, we see Dyson Frost doing the foul deed. ("Doing the foul deed?" What the hell is this, a 1920s silent film? "Quick, Mabel! Ring the po-lice at Arkansas-5400 and tell them of this crime!") The only lead they have: someone saw a foreign, 1970s blue sedan drive away. Mark has a flash of insight: Forget trying to track down the shooter on that slim lead. Focus instead on the FBI agent who handed the gun over: Marcie.

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