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Free Will is for Suckers

Marcie's being hauled away by the NSA (or the CIA), and they're crossing a runway when Demetri and Mark run up and attempt to simultaneously break the FBI 200m-relay record and interrogate Marcie on who she handed the gun to. She is, of course, as helpful as she is memorable and compelling, so... the guys get jack and squat out of her. She coldly tells Demetri, "You're going to die in three days, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. I'm sorry." I... do not get how anyone who knew Al Gough or who blithely plugged a half-dozen coworkers who presumably had flashforwards can believe in the infallibility of the future, but whatever. I suspect the point to this is to establish that her meager years of working around her Quantico buddies made Marcie all broken and warped on the inside.

And now, this week's Subplot In One Paragraph: Olivia and Lloyd are set up! Charlie arranges a playdate for herself and Dylan at a local park (notably absent: the agent who was shadowing Olivia all last episode), and the awkwardness between the adults eases only after Charlie bonks her head on Dylan's and it takes Lloyd's parental skills (yes! The same Lloyd who went into vapor lock over dealing with Dylan earlier this season!) to soothe her. Olivia watches Lloyd appearing all paternal with Charlie, and you can practically see the thought bubble forming over her head: "Charlie's dad just bailed on her for his precious Mosaic Project investigation. Lloyd here has potential as a replacement. Now, how to take him for a test drive..." And by that evening, Olivia's worked out the test drive angle. She shows up at Lloyd's place sans Charlie (one presumes the urchin is being put to bed by the FBI agent Marc assigned?), there's some mealymouthed blah-blah-blah about how Olivia's been fighting her flashforward, but now she realizes she's as much to blame for the disintegration of her relationship as her I-skipped-town-to-go-solve-crimes-that-haven't-happened-yet husband, and since her marriage is over, why, she might as well follow through on that flashforward. Lip-locking commences and we officially have a new couple on the show. I dub thee Llolivia. Go forth and continue acting in a wildly uncharacteristic fashion! (I swear, this show has less internal consistency than Prison Break, and that was a series based on a magic tattoo and sustained by the re-capitation of a dead person. WHAT DOES THIS TELL YOU, FLASHFORWARD?)

Meanwhile, back in the real episode, Wedeck's also hanging out on a runway. The difference is, the runway he's walking across is currently hosting Air Force Two. After he boards the plane, he's ushered into the VP's office. Vice President Clemente tries making small talk, and Wedeck is all, "Would you mind telling me why the hell I'm here?" She chuckles. "It's nice to know my new position hasn't changed your attitude toward me." Wedeck makes a visible show of biting his tongue. Clemente then asks, "Does the name 'Jericho' ring a bell? They're a private contractor working over in Afghanistan. In my security briefing this morning, I learned that Jericho's CEO just tripled the security around his Malibu compound. I think you should take a look." Wedeck says, "Wrong department. NSA is who you want to call." Ah, but Clemente wants this done quietly. Wedeck presses, "The vice president doesn't fly across the country because some guy hired an extra night watchman." Clemente says, "In my vision, it was clear that Jericho had done some things that threatened our national security." This is, by the way, the same vision where Clemente is our chief executive. She says, "I was there because Jericho did something that triggered a political crisis. I can't find out anything about what they're doing. But if it's bad enough to bring down President Segovia, it must be significant." (That is understating the case: Google the name "Jamie Leigh Jones" some time to see what lengths contractors went to in an effort to cover up their misdeeds. Or Google for articles on why Blackwater changed its name to Xe. And no politician ever felt any fallout. So unless Jericho's doing a test project on Soylent Green using American Idol contestants and NFL players, there's not a damn thing they can do that will topple anyone's career.) ANYWAY: Clemente thinks Jericho's up to something. Wedeck is all, "Even if I did know something, Segovia and I go way back." Clemente puts it to him bluntly: "These flashforwards are coming true. Segovia is going down. You want to be out with the old, or in with the new?" We end the scene watching Wedeck weigh his loyalty against his ambition.

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