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Free Will is for Suckers

In the next scene: Demetri's busy looking at Ross's gun in an evidence bag when Mark comes over to deliver the good news: the EMTs say Ross is stable, and the FBI guys can question him in the hospital. Demetri tells Mark that the gun in the evidence bag isn't Mark's old FBI piece; the serial number is totally different, ergo, Mark's gun is still out there. Mark asks, "So you almost got yourself killed for nothing?" Sensitively put, my friend. On the bright side, Demetri did take out a hostage-taker and rescue an innocent woman. But Demetri's frustrated by the overall weirdness of the whole thing. He groans and asks, "Do you remember the speech you gave the first day on the job? How you had to be the kind of person who could be counted on to do the right thing at the right time. And man, since October 6, when I didn't see anything, I have had a lot of trouble being that person." Cheer up, Demetri! You're still doing better than either Marcie or Janis. Demetri asks Mark for help, so of course Benford makes it All About Him and segues into a little speech on how his life has gone to the dogs. Mark does say, "I'll do anything to help you, and I'm going to tell you something, so I really want you to listen: Get out of here. You and Zoey just get out of here." Awww, Mark, it's cute how you freely dispense advice you can't take yourself.

And then we flash back to the first time Demetri and Zoey met. She was grilling him in a courtroom, and it's well-nigh insufferable, and then she's dismissive of Demetri's irritation in the hall afterward, and then -- displaying an uncanny inability to read people -- asks Demetri out. He turns her down with "There's not a chance in Hell I would ever go out with you" -- and yet ... here we are in the present, in their gorgeous loft, and Demetri's all, "Let's get married tomorrow! And hang out in Hawaii through, say, April." Zoey's response: "Hell, yes!" Sensible woman, her. Even if she did woo Demetri with all the charm and subtlety of Godzilla going through the KGC drive-through.

Now if you want to talk real charm, how about Wedeck? He is chilling in the manky motel room where Aaron's hunkered down, and he does not even blink when Aaron pulls a gun. Then he reveals how he used his detective-fu to track down Aaron (via a computer in Echo Park doing Web searches of "Jericho" "Parwar" and "Afghanistan" and "Jericho murder U.S. soldiers" and some shoe leather), and makes an offer Aaron can't refuse: "Mark didn't want to tell me why you're so interested in Jericho. But some very powerful people would love to take them down, and all they need is proof." Aaron unspools his sad tale about Tracy and how he's headed back to Afghanistan to get his daughter back. Wedeck stammers in disbelief, "You're-you're going to Afghanistan?" and gently steers Aaron to the harsh realities of his current plan: "I know you were in the service, but how were you planning on getting there?" Aaron was planning to fly to Uzbekistan and cross the border at Termis. "And you're doing this with a U.S. passport," Wedeck inquires, still politely skeptical. Aaron is. "You'll be dead before you leave Hairaton," Wedeck says firmly. He then cleverly plays on Aaron's desperation: "If I could help you get to Tracy, do you think she could tell us the whole story?" Silence as Aaron thinks it over.

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