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Free Will is for Suckers

The lovely Citroen is parked outside what appears to be a carnival, and we see Dyson Frost carefully covering Demetri's body with a blanket before exiting the car and heading out for a night of ferris wheel riding, or whatever it is crazy evil geniuses do on Murdering Eve.

Oh, quelle coincidence, it's the school carnival where Charlie is running around comparatively unsupervised (not even an FBI tail in sight to chase after her) and Olivia is gamely hawking the wheel of fortune game. Her phone rings. It's Mark, calling to tell her to keep Charlie for the evening. Olivia does not reply, "If I can find her," but rather inquires as to why Mark won't be coming by. Mark says, "Something's happened to Demetri. We're not sure what yet, but I just thought you should know." Ah, vague and ominous updates -- so useful. Mark signs off with "Kiss Charlie for me" and Olivia has a look on her face of "Charlie what now?" as she absently assures him she will. She hangs up and begins calling for Charlie.

Speaking of whom... she's face-painted quite stylishly (it's vaguely reminiscent of a Chinese opera mask) and hanging out alone on a bench. But she's not alone for long. Dyson Frost comes over, sits down, and says brightly, "Hello, Charlie." Charlie gives him a somber look, and ...

We'll just have to wait until next week to see what happens next. I can wait.

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