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Lloyd Knows When to Hold Them, and When to Fold Them…
but again, the Bambi Mug pretty much makes it look like he just smelled a flower that didn't live up to his olfactory expectations.

Janis, meanwhile, is busy reading up on sperm donation via Wikipedia, because why wouldn't you trust anonymous, crowd-sourced and self-vetted information over any content produced by accountable medical professionals? Wedeck comes up to ask what she's doing, and Janis replies, "Trusting my gut." And, probably, dying a little on the inside now that her boss has seen her browser with the words "SPERM DONATION" splashed across it in 48-point type. Wedeck rubs her shoulders with paternal affection (aww!) and prods Janis about a prior email.

Janis has a new, NSA-provided rendering of the Suspect Zero photo, and the only interesting and useful new thing to come out of it is the observation that Suspect Zero is wearing a ring. Wedeck would like the NSA to work more digital wizardry and identify the ring ASAP: "If we can tie this jewelry to the guy wearing it, we'll have our first workable lead."

Mark comes home to Surly Benford Manor and interrupts Olivia mid-laundry folding and tells her, "I killed a man today. I had a shot at changing my future -- at changing our future, and I took it." There is the requisite post-murder hugging and Mark tells Olivia, "Maybe April 29 is just going to be another day at the office now." A troubled-looking Olivia's all, "Come again?" and Mark unravels the logic: since he's killed the man with the star tattoos, surely he's changed the future. Because, after all, nobody in the history of the world has ever gotten the same tattoo as anyone else, right? As Olivia hugs him, she realizes Mark's just one-upped her in the future-changing efforts: it's a long way from tossing lingerie to killing a tattooed goon.

Oh, wait! The universe is about to prove Mark wrong about changing the future! It's a dark and stormy night, and the guy who is the reason Ingrid's now in hiding rolls down the passenger-side window on a truck and hands over that attache case to a waiting goon. We see that they've both got the three-star tattoo, as do other anonymous goons milling about this undisclosed location. A non-bald goon conveys the case inside a shadowy warehouse to ... Ricky Jay? Okay. To Ricky Jay, who opens the case to confirm that there are six signet rings in it. Each ring is inscribed with an alpha symbol. But Ricky Jay wants more bling; he notes that there were supposed to be seven rings. Why -- so Ricky Jay can return them to the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone? We don't get to find out. Ricky Jay's about to lay some philosophy on us: "After the first atom bomb test, you know what a colleague of Oppenheimer's said? 'What a foul and awesome display.' He then added, 'Now we are all sons of bitches.'" Then Ricky Jay gets up and shoots the goon, possibly reducing the world's sons-of-bitches count by one, and he goes waltzing off-screen, having fulfilled this week's Contractually Obligated Cliffhanger.

Well! I, for one, cannot wait for the future episode where Lloyd, Dylan and Ricky Jay battle for the future of society via clever magic tricks. Bring it, sweeps!

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