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Pawns of Fate and Other Labored Metaphors

The next day: Emil's morning -- which is already off to a bad start because of his hangover -- gets worse when the INS comes in and arrests him for employing undocumented workers. The agents bust the place and Keiko is cuffed and loaded into the van with the other presumably-not-here-with-full-permits workforce. Naturally, her detaining van goes rumbling by right as Bryce is sitting at an intersection and leaving Nicole a really sweet message. O, star-crossed lovers! Whom I am rooting against anyways!

Back to the A-plot. Those poor FBI punks have had to wait in the conference room for 36 hours now. Demetri is going through all the footage they have of Marcie taking a coffee break in the plaza. Mark notices that there are times when Marcie's dropping sugar into her coffee. Since the episode made a point of showing us earlier that she doesn't take it like that, Mark quickly figures out that the sugar in the coffee is a signal to her handler in the Dyson Frost cabal; each time she put sugar in her coffee, one of the series regulars nearly got blown up.

Then, proving what ace agents they are, Mark and Demetri look up at Marcie with "YOU! You traitor!" looks, thereby tipping her off that they're on to her. So she overpowers a man twice her size, seizes his firearm, shoots Agent Seth McFarlane in the neck (sadly, not while screaming, "That's for thinking The Cleveland Show was a good idea!") and makes a bullet-assisted escape. She manages to get outside and a mysterious, black-clad motorcyclist zooms by to pick her up, but before she can escape forever and ever, Janis walks toward the motorcycle, shoots out its tires, then runs into a fountain so she can have a wrestling match with Marcie before subduing her. As Janis clambers out of the fountain, Mark says, "It looks like you were right." "I wish I wasn't," she replies. The scene ends on the shaking, submerged body of the mystery cyclist. I suppose we'll have to conclude Janis got her BADDEST ASS IN THE OFFICE plaque off-screen.

Wedeck corners Mark all, "Why didn't you let me know?" then shoots holes in Mark's explanation by calling it the queen's gambit. It's a nice, subtle reminder that there is not a damn thing that goes on in that office that Wedeck will not find out about. Except for Marcie being a trigger-happy stooge of Dyson Frost. But, nobody bats .1000, amirite?

Except Dyson Frost, maybe. He's just called Mark, and he says, "I haven't come forward since all your leads end up dead, but now that your mole problem has been fixed, I look forward to meeting you. I'll be in touch." Mark looks troubled. Which, come to think of it, is one of his three regular expressions ("petulant" and "glowering" being the other two in heavy rotation.)

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