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Thinking Out of the Box By Stepping off the Ledge
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The episode starts with a slender, dark-haired woman crouching at the edge of a huge, gorgeous fountain. She's got two boys, and they're preparing to pull two toy sailboats from the fountain's pool. Then, they're walking to her car. As this is going on, we hear Agent Gough's voice: "Dear Celia -- I don't know your last name, and I don't know where you live, but I know you have two young boys -- twins, I believe. And I know you didn't have a flashforward. I understand how terrifying that is, and how powerless you must be feeling. But I want you to know, you are not alone." Celia's put her kids in the car and found a note under the driver's-side windshield wiper: One side has a picture of a blue hand and an URL: www.ALREADYGHOSTS.com, while the other has the scribbled message "We know you are one of us."

As is Demetri, who quickly closes his laptop when Zoey comes into the room. "Emailing your other girlfriend?" she asks. He replies, "No, we broke up. This is just porn." Demetri, I am going to miss you and your sense of humor if Agent Shoreh Aghdashloo is correct about her flashforward. And I will miss these fleeting glimpses of your loft, because it is pretty much Exhibit A for the message that indeed, crime can pay when you are the attorney trying to get the criminal off the hook. Anyway, Zoey's got wedding-invitation proofs on the brain, and she natters on about these for a while, but I'm distracted from the Zoey-Demetri banter by the thought that with all the money these two clearly have laying around, neither one of them thought to hire a wedding planner and have him or her sweat all those details? What is the point to being a DINK couple (dual-income, no kids) if you can't fling money at someone who will either handle the invites for you or give you the tough love necessary to hammer home the message that nobody will give a crap about what your invitation looks like, so long as they're invited. Anyway, the minute Zoey leaves, Demetri opens up his laptop and we see that he's hanging out on alreadyghosts.com.

Then we zip to Mark and Olivia's House of Recriminations, where she is telling Mark about how she'll be home late from work that night, so please don't go concluding that she's really off humping Lloyd instead. Mark repeatedly insists that Olivia doesn't have to explain, but given how pissily he's brushing his teeth -- and truly, someone is irritated when it comes through in the ol' Colgate routine -- it looks like Olivia certainly has to. Mark passive-aggressively adds, "I trust you." Olivia snaps back, "Good! I trust you too!" then leaves the bathroom before Mark can see that her pajama bottoms have spontaneously combusted. Mark continues flossing petulantly.

And now, the most joyless elevator ride before work ever: Demetri is complaining about how he can never say the right thing around Zoey anymore, Mark is busy brooding about how "things have changed. It's a whole new world," and Gough has to bring the reality check by reminding Demetri that back in his single days, the special agent Noh would pass out on Gough's couch after an all-night Madden NFL binge. Fortunately, the subsequent smack-talking jostles Demetri into some semblance of a good mood, and after Gough accuses Demetri of cheating, the other man replies, "What you call cheating, I call 'finding a way to change the game,' my friend."

The three men are now hanging out in the morgue with the bodies from last week's Blue Hand investigation, and we learn that all three people killed themselves. Gough asks, "Who arranged the bodies and covered them with the sheets that night?" The coroner adds that all three people had been drinking, and the female in the bunch also had Ecstasy in her system. We learn that the recently deceased are: Jason Martinez (aged 37, married with two children); Diana Davis (next-of-kin still at large); and Ian Rutherford (aged 25). He was a British national reported missing from a cargo vessel in Long Beach, and he is also mentioned (via file) in the Rutherford investigation that Gough will be working on in London next April.

Mark asks, "Your Rutherford case?" and Gough nods as he recalls his flashforward: sitting there with Agent Fiona Banks looking over files until a bird crashes into the window. He tells Mark, "Here we go."

And now, your plotline that can be summed up in one paragraph: Aaron meets up with a former comrade of Tracy's, Corporal Mike Willingham. Mike hands over Tracy's pocketknife (she had handed it to Mike with instructions that Aaron was to have it if something happened to her) and tells him how Tracy got mangled and, presumably, killed after their Humvee was attacked. The point to the story is to hammer home the point that Tracy's gone to join the platoon invisible, but at the end of the episode, the grieving Aaron walks into his house to find ... Tracy, apparently back from the dead. Normally, this Lazarus act-cum-cliffhanger would be the OHMYGODOHMYGOD!-type ending that closed out a recap, but the main plot is actually a bigger deal. Sorry, Aaron! See you next week as you begin calling friends and starting each conversation with the riddle, "Who has two thumbs and recently had a kid rise from the dead?"

So! Back to the main episode. The FBI Squad, Dude Division, is sitting around in a conference as Weddick asks, "Why do a copy machine salesman, a librarian and a Scottish journalist all decide to get together to shoot themselves?" Fiona Banks walks into the room and asks, "Because print is dead?" Ha! It's funny 'cause it's true. Anyway, MI6's finest is fresh off the plane from London because she saw the Rutherford report and knew she'd be working the case in six months, so why not start working ahead now? Demetri tells everyone, "I cross-referenced [the suicides'] visions on Mosaic. It turns out they're all ghosts ... people who didn't see anything in their flashforwards, that's what they call themselves." Banks asks, "So none of them had visions and now they're all dead. Am I the only one who finds that disturbing?" Demetri does too. He then hips everyone to alreadyghosts.com. Gough notices the site's mission statement: "The blue hand: no limits, no fear. A places where ghosts can gather to embrace the inevitable." Weddick is frankly incredulous: "You've got to be kidding me. A death club?" "Like a book club, with bullets," Mark quips. Using the logic that some blue-hander shot Janis, therefore all blue-handers need to be investigated, Weddick sics the team on the book-club-with-bullets. And, O happy coincidence, the next Los Angeles-based event (as hosted by Dr. Maurice Raynaud) is that very evening! As to when and where? The website shows a clock ticking and orders, "Tonight, go downtown and check the time."

Gough and Banks are now working the Rutherford case -- a situation that is only moderately weird when Gough recites file details he remembers from his flashforward. Banks laughs uneasily and apologizes with, "I never expected to be working on this case so soon." "The dominoes seem to be falling into place, don't they?" Gough replies. Banks then steers the conversation into metaphorical territory and we go riding over the speedbumps of symbolism as she says, "I remember ... the bird. When it hit the window, I literally felt my heart skip a beat. Then you had the phone call ... after you left, I looked out onto the ledge. I looked over. I wanted to help it, if only to end its pain, but I couldn't. That was the worst part. There was nothing I could do to stop it." Gough gives Banks a long, appraising look. As her phone rings, she absently asks Gough what his flashforward phone call was about. Gough replies, "It was my attorney." When Banks is all, "Attorney what now?" we see more of his flashforward: it turns out Gough has an attorney because ... he killed someone? Did nobody in the FBI office have a flashforward (or lack thereof) that hasn't thoroughly messed them up? Anyway, Gough lies to Banks that everything was fine.

Demetri's putting on his going-undercover clothes and looking sharp, but his fine appearance will not

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