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The Fickle Finger of Fate is Clearly the Middle One, Pointed Skyward
his handy little friend is, "Perhaps we all need to am-scray before the rest of Jericho comes tumbling down upon us?" So they do.

And -- zip! -- on the other side of the world, Wedeck is looking at the Jericho pictures and suffering a small crisis of conscience. He picks up the phone and calls the president. President Dave is not really taking the conversation seriously -- not the words "Joshua Base," not Wedeck's statement that he'll turn the photos over to Clemente -- until Wedeck says, "Have you ever asked your vice president what she saw happening tomorrow?" Dave finally takes it seriously: "I always knew this call was coming. I didn't know it would come from you." *Click.* Wedeck stares at the phone a moment, then dials Vice President Clemente.

Over in a conference room, we see that Gabriel's been fitted with a bulletproof vest. All the regulars, plus some extras, are all preparing to transport him to the Asilomar safehouse. The minute they're out the door, Janis stalks across the office, heads into the bathroom, and makes a call to someone, wherein she spills what are presumably all the relevant details of Gabriel's transport. Then we see her stare into the bathroom mirror, her hand over her stomach as she goes through whatever crisis of conscience she's having. I'd have more sympathy, but ... no. Sorry. I still think she kicks ass and all, but this is the game she chose to play.

Demetri and Vreede are busy driving along a conveniently not-very-well-trafficked route -- a hooded character in the back with two SWAT agents -- when they are suddenly trapped between a truck and a black SUV. The bullets begin flying, the two guys in the SUV come over to the van, and -- surprise! It turns out it was MARK dressed as Gabriel, and this was all just a clever ruse to grab the guys and go meet "the big guy."

In the cool, cool, cool of an Afghani night, even the hardened Afghani freedom fighters, who have endured no small share of suffering and privation since we declared war nine years ago, are really not up to the torture of Aaron yammering on about what he saw in his flashforward.

And now, we find out that Hellinger is a real hands-on head of shadowy time-tripping cabals, because he's there to meet the SUV conveying "Gabriel McDow" personally. And Mark's ruse sort of works, if it weren't for an agent subtly shaking his head as Mark gets closer to Hellinger. The "big guy" immediately sprints for the airy workspace where all the cabal's computer geeks are, and shouts for them to "burn it all." A bazillion SWAT agents descend on the place, but they are no match for the speed with which a computer's hard drive can be deleted. Oh no! Petabytes of incriminating evidence have vanished into the ether! But as a consolation prize, Mark does get Hellinger.

We then zip to Simon lurking in a basement and fondling the QED like a modern-day Smeagol.

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