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Secret Agent Jan
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The episode begins with a sequence not unlike the opening of The Silence of the Lambs, only instead of Clarice Stark running through the woods of Quantico and setting squirrels on fire with her laserbeam gaze, we have Janis and Demetri running at the back of the pack while Janis VO's about the brutal six-mile obstacle course that is "The Yellow Brick Road." We get a ton of backstory: "I never intended to be an FBI agent. I was a lawyer, and hated my life. Then I had this friend who joined the Bureau. I never thought of myself as particularly patriotic, but it sounded cool. I liked the idea of being part of something, actually trying to make the world a safer place. I loved it. I loved every second of it. Quantico made me strong. It taught me what mattered. And it showed me I'm capable of tackling problems I never thought possible." We get a shot of Janis and Demetri, all wet (it is raining, natch) and muddy and elated over finishing the course. By the way, that is all you see of Agent Noh this week. He's evidently off taking a well-deserved break this week. We shall miss you and your irritated glare, Demetri.

We then cut to Janis looking all date-night pretty at some lounge, telling a soignée older brunette that, "Of course, I've never lived in L.A., so we'll see how I survive this." The other woman discreetly fishes about the status of Janis's love life and Janis feints, then the lady Lita tells Janis's cleavage that she's a sort of corporate headhunter, if you substitute the phrase "massive, secret global cabal" for "corporate." Janis is being headhunted. And, going by the smoldering looks Lita's giving her, cleavage hunted. After Lita makes her "moonlight for us whilst working at the FBI," Janis coyly flutters her eyes in assent.

Zip! Back in the present, and Janis is expositing in re: the photos and blueprints that Dyson Frost (RIP) had on him when he died. Everyone in the conference room oohs appreciatively at being told what pieces of paper are, while Vogel glowers in the doorway. Mark is all, "Let me jump in by reminding you that Dyson Frost died in my arms, and he said something cryptic about 'In the end, you'll be saved by the lady you see every day.'" Have any of the agents thought to check a comprehensive Grateful Dead lyrics database? This sounds right up their alley. Vogel finally pipes up: "I can't speak on behalf of everyone, but I'm still contemplating the unbelievable fact that we had the possible mastermind of a global blackout in our hands, and just before he's able to divulge any real information, he's killed by a terrorist who, mere hours before, was in our custody. Now how the hell does that happen?" Um ... the writers were given an order to wrap up the show in one season, plausibility be damned? Mark huffily responds that it's all worth it because Demetri's alive, and it descends into bickering before Janis is all, "Gentleman, can we please pay attention to the blueprints? Surely they mean something, right?" The boys ignore her and continue bickering, and it takes Wedeck speaking loudly and threatening to hit them with a big stick before they get back to the damn blueprints. Naturally, Vreede will not be allowed anywhere near them or, by extension, the main plot. He is to chase down the Raven River reference. Fortunately for Vreede, Dyson Frost wasn't the only one babbling about Raven River. Mark gives a go-team summary, and Janis looks all uneasy. BECAUSE SHE'S A MOLE.

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