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Secret Agent Jan

Back at stately Benford Manor, Olivia's babbling medspeak into her mobile while she gets ready for work, but her hectic morning routine is interrupted as Gabriel shouts to her, "It's important, Olivia!" She drops her glass in fright, as nearly any of us might if some random deranged person were seated in the breakfast nook. Gabriel's assertions that he knows her -- backed up by things like, "The Pixies! You were there, you wore a purple beret, the drink spilled on the lady in front, she got mad, she got so mad!" -- do not set Olivia's mind at ease. Gabriel adds calmly, "I was there, too. With my handler Barry. Barry lost his job for taking me to a Pixies concert." Now I feel sorry for both Barry and Gabriel. [Is somebody not a Pixies fan? - Zach] Olivia's incredulous that Gabriel knows the concert details, and then he references her friend Scott's wedding at Martha's Vineyard: "Your dress was turquoise. You cried -- it was sad. They served mini-corndogs." (Frankly, the catering sounds awesome.) Olivia asks what Gabriel McDow wants from her, and he snaps that he's already told her his name -- "You have to remember things like that, Olivia." Olivia plays the "My husband is FBI" card, but Gabriel tops that hand with, "He's not your husband. You know Lloyd? Lloyd? Lloyd is. You made a mistake, you should be with Lloyd. I tried to stop you." Gabriel carries on in his recursive style while the rest of us absorb the fact that even the universe hates Mark Benford so much, it wants to ruin his marriage. As Olivia flees in a panic, Gabriel shouts adamantly that she is not to buy coffee from a man who looks like Mr. Clean. I'm thinking Olivia is going to skip the coffee and head straight to the bar.

Janis has ducked out of work to go visit her OB/GYN, who is concerned about Janis's pregnancy, as Janis is anemic and hasn't gained enough weight. She writes a reference for Janis to get a high-resolution ultrasound from a perinatologist. Janis is like, "Now? Why now?"

Cut to Olivia freaking out to Mark on the phone, but she has to cut off her panic attack as she enters the hospital parking lot because some teenager just plowed their vehicle into a coffee kiosk, killing Mr. Clean. Olivia is taken aback that Gabriel may actually be spouting useful flashforwards and not pure coincidental gibberish.

We flash back to two years prior to October 6, 2009. Janis is heading into a pet shop; apparently, this is where she will meet her handler Carline regularly. Carline orders Janis to get an aquarium. After all, she'll need a plausible excuse to come into the pet store frequently. Carline also gives Janis her first assignment: "Be the best special agent at the L.A. bureau you can be. Watch, wait, win their trust -- and while you're at it, keep us apprised of what they're up to."

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