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Secret Agent Jan

Zip! We're back to the present and Janis is filling Mark in on the photos; they're platinum prints, and likely printed in the 1910s. Chronology aside, the more interesting news is that Alda's fingerprints were all over the prints. Mark speaks for us all with "How would she have gotten her hands on these photos?" I imagine we'll find out later on. The other weird thing: the prints and blueprints had soil from the Kunar province in Afghanistan all over them. (And so it all begins to come together... Not-Blackwater will be working in league with the organization that had, until recently, employed Dyson Frost, and they'll rely on Keiko to build them an army of rock-n-roll war robots, and then... I got nothing after that.) Mark warns us that Aaron will be taking a more prominent role in upcoming episodes by wondering aloud, "What would Frost be doing in Afghanistan?"

Speaking of whom... Aaron stars in this week's in Plotlines That Can Be Summed Up In One Sentence. And here it is: Aaron discovers that when you travel to a war zone, getting to the camp where his daughter is likely to be held is not so simple as hopping in a Jeep and pointing it due east. And now, this subplot has bored me. Let us get back to the real show.

And here we are: Janis has brought the blueprints to a Professor Cory, who enthuses, "If these blueprints can be authenticated, this would be an incredibly cool find. Kind of reminds me of the antikythera mechanism, [which is] one of the great mysteries of modern science. It was a bronze artifact discovered in the Mediterranean in 1901 -- turned out to be this incredibly sophisticated sort of calculator from second century B.C. Greece... the antikythera calculated dates of solar eclipses, but I'll be damned if I can figure out what this calculates." The good professor asks Janis for the blueprints, so he can scan them, do some 3-D imaging based on the schematics and translate the ancient Greek to find out what this thing might be. Janis is cool with that ...

...Until she shows the blueprints to Carline and Carline's like, "Thanks. Now get the extra copies back from the professor and from Mark Benford." Janis asks, "What's so important about this thing?" and Carline says with sweet menace, "I don't recall 'answering questions' being part of our arrangement. The information goes one way, period. Get me these blueprints."

So poor, pregnant Janis -- who should be home dropping a pint of Ben & Jerry's and some iron supplements into a blender, then relaxing with her ferrous Vermonster milkshake in front of Dancing With the Stars -- one imagines it's less enjoyable when you've already flashed to the outcome, which reminds me: Why have we not seen anything about how flashforwards could kneecap serial or reality TV? Why have we not seen how they affected sports gambling, or the insurance industry, or the stock market? I mean, even a casual "Yeah, my premiums quintupled based on some underwriter's flashforward based on my accident report. I haven't even had an accident yet! I want to sue!" would be something. ANYWAY, my point is that Janis is busy pulling a Mission Impossible-style caper in Professor Cory's office, and once that nervewracking blueprint-stealing-and-computer-fritzing errand is done, she's got to head back to work and get into Mark's office.

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