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Secret Agent Jan

Back at stately Benford Manor, Charlie is behaving in the time-honored fashion of TV children everywhere -- which is to say that she told her mom she requires no parental attention whatsoever -- so Olivia's got time to flip through her old photo albums and see whether it is true that she wore a turquoise dress to a wedding or a purple hat to the Pixies. Answer: Yes, and yes. More importantly: Gabriel is somehow in each of her pictures, looking disoriented and anxious as he plays waiter (the wedding shots) rocks out to "Monkey Gone to Heaven" (the Pixies concert).

Janis is now at the FBI building, still dressed like a very well-accessorized ninja and moving around Mark's office all stealthy-like. Unfortunately, Mark has out-stealthed her, and he startles Janis by materializing in the doorway and asking, "What are you doing?" After she recovers, she spins a story: "I totally screwed up, Mark. I'm an idiot. Professor Cory called me and he misplaced the blueprints that I gave him. [Since] I gave him the originals, he's got the only copy." Mark is not buying the story and Janis falters as he asks why she didn't check the originals into Evidence ("I had a doctor's appointment?") and how she managed to get in after-hours ("You gave me your passcode? That time you were in Washington. With Wedeck?") But Mark seems to let it pass and chides her for making rookie mistakes. She can have the copies tomorrow.

The next day, Olivia's freaking out to Vreede about Gabriel's appearance and the fact he's been shadowing her throughout her adulthood. This segues into an opportunity for the two of them to chit-chat about Raven River -- the topic of the conversation being "What in the heck is it?" and Vreede says, "There's a few Raven Rivers. There's one in Wisconsin, one in Illinois, there's a tennis club in Ohio, and a Raven River hospital in Arizona." This last one seems to make the most sense to Olivia, and Vreede tells her it's a now-closed psychiatric hospital. The facility was shut down in the late 1980s amid allegation of abuses. The patients were primarily schizophrenics, and Raven River had been the first hospital in the country to deal with autism. From there, Olivia makes the short leap to savants, and from there, we may reasonably infer, it will be a short plane ride to Arizona.

But before that, Janis is getting her ultrasound at the neonatologist's office. As per usual with these things, it looks less like a fetus up there and more like a Rorschach blot, but the doctor seems satisfied, so who am I to quibble with the fictitious medical specialist? The doctor tells Janis to take better care of herself and reduce her aggravation: "The health of your baby depends on your ability to stay off your feet and lower your stress. I'm serious. Otherwise, you could lose your baby." As if to underscore the point, Mark calls right at that moment, totally pissed off because Professor Cory's in his office with a very interesting story.

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