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Well, Hello, Dollies

Back at Our Lady of the Mood Lighting Memorial Hospital, you will all be relieved to know that Squirrelio is expected to make a full recovery. We suffer through Olivia's flashback again, then she discreetly determines that Charlie doesn't recognize Lloyd. However, when Charlie catches sight of Dylan's bandage-wrapped noggin, she gets very distraught. So now we know that Dylan's in Charlie's flashforward -- we just don't know how.

Aaaand, we're back to the FBI office. Janis has found nothing on Didi Gibbons except "A couple of credit card charges last week. It was two purchases on the same account at nearly the same time, one for a manicure in Newport Beach, the other at a gas station in Utah like, two minutes later." Demetri instantly calls it as a cloned card, but Mark tells us that Didi was arguing with her credit card company in her flashforward -- not that that specific tidbit was included in the flashforward she recalled for us, but whatever, it moves the plot along -- so this points to a stolen card. A few brainstorming sentences later and Janis has produced a place name of Pigeon, Utah. Lo and behold, the cloned card just got run for the purchase of a bus ticket. Raise your hand if you're going to Utah this afternoon! FBI Boss Dude Courtney B. Vance, Janis, not so fast.

But before Mark can board a chopper for his visit to the Beehive state, Olivia swings by with Charlie so she can share the news about Charlie melting down over Dylan per her vision. And so she can be all, you know how Charlie saw Dylan? Well, I saw his dad. Heh, small world! But, she assures Mark, "I'm positive he didn't recognize me. I've thought about it and realized that I saw him, but before he turned around, the flashforward ended. So I don't think he saw me." Oh, good -- she and Mark only have to worry about an infestation of shirtless strangers in the living room; that'll be harder to shake than a case of bedbugs. Olivia reiterates that Lloyd means nothing to her, and Mark says, "For now." She correctly points out, "That's not fair. You can't punish me for something I haven't done." Yeah! Especially when you've been less than forthcoming about your own flashforward, Mark. He frets, "The future's happening, Livvy." She asks, "What if we just saw a possible future, a warning?" Alas, Mark is determined to embrace the idea of an immutable future. Off he goes to Utah.

Within seconds, there we are. The no-nonsense Sheriff Keegan introduces herself as the agents deplane (or dehelicopter) and they make some small talk about the stakeout now set at the bus station. But the real point to this scene is to establish that Keegan didn't flash forward to anything and she's just fine with that: "I'd rather not be any other way. The people I know, the ones who say they saw their futures? They're torturing themselves over it." We cut to Demetri and Mark looking fake-nonchalant. "Oh, rrrrrrreally?"

Back in L.A., Markham is demanding an update on what the FBI's doing to identify the wide-awake man in Comerica park. FBI Boss Dude Courtney B. Vance says coolly, "What would be the point? I thought you didn't believe this was a -- what was the term? A 'scheduled event'?" Markham asks, "Are you going to brief me or crow about this some more?" FBI Boss Dude Courtney B. Vance replies, "Honestly, I don't see why I can't do both for a little while." Indeed. This is why he's the boss dude. And then we get to the meat of the scene: "Suspect Zero" is a man (so determined via video forensics), and since he's not at all surprised by the blackout, he must have been involved. Continuing in her role as viewer stand-in/critical debunker Markham cautions against the poisonous allure of a conspiracy theory. But she wants this guy nabbed before he pulls off Blackout II.

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