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Well, Hello, Dollies

Over at Our Lady of the Mood Lighting Memorial Hospital, Lloyd interrupts Dr. Bryce's sketch (of a long-haired lady) to ask if getting his son a Happy Meal is against the rules. However, because Lloyd is meant to be a) British, b) cloddish and c) an intellectual and therefore unfamiliar with the trappings of good, honest ├ůmerican life, he refers to it as "a nonhospital hamburger wrapped in paper with a toy." Bryce pegs the junk-food urge as a sign of recovery, then beatifically reassures Lloyd with, "Everything is going to be okay ... I've seen the future. I do believe that there's a gift in the knowing. The test of who we are now is what we choose to do with what we've seen. That's an amazing thing." Lloyd is like, "Right. Well, I'm off to find a hamburger wrapped in paper and a spare key to the pharma closet where you apparently store the really good drugs."

Pigeon, Utah. The FBI outnumbers the residents approximately three to one, and Keegan's just radioed the blockade to tell Mark that D. Gibbons never picked up his ticket. Demetri's ready to throw in the towel and tells Mark perhaps his vision is bogus, and Mark rebuts with Didi's visits and the friendship bracelet. Demetri argues for coincidence, concluding, "People see patterns in tea leaves and clouds." He stops short of spouting the definition of "pareidolia," and goes to shut down the stakeout.

As Mark and Demetri are busy apologizing to Keegan for the circus, Mark notices the empty "Divine Doll" factory they happen to have been hanging out near for the last few hours. Recalling the burnt-doll photo from his flashforward, Mark's intent on touring the place to see if it will produce more of the clues he foresaw. Reminding Demetri of the photo next to a card labeled "D. Gibbons," he asks, "Are you telling me that's a coincidence too?" They head toward the abandoned warehouse.

As Mark looks at the lock securing the door, he asks, "Think this will qualify as probable cause?" Keegan assures him, "The county judge will. He's my father-in-law." The wheels of justice thus greased with the rancid oil of nepotism, Demetri smashes the lock open.

The inside is every bit as creepy as you'd expect an abandoned dollhouse to be, but the "abandoned" part of the equation is soon called into question when we see a shadowy male silhouette pass by a window on the upper level. However, Mark, Demetri and Keegan have to case the lower floor to see if there are any items of interest. There aren't, unless you count "carts full of plastic body parts" as particularly interesting, and if you do, please keep that creepy proclivity to yourself, okay? As Mark, Demetri and Keegan head toward the stairs, we see a strip of small, horizontal lights at the base of the staircase. It's not clear whether they do. Their seeming inattentiveness is understandable, as the top of the stairs is festooned as what one can only describe as a "wetsy doll lynching party." Whatever sick stuff you and your friends ever did to Barbie dolls has nothing on this. When Mark heads up the stairs, we find that no, none of the law enforcement types had noticed the little blinking lights, because Mark just stepped on a jury-rigged sensor and set off the hanged dolls, which all now begin to jostle and sing "Ring around the rosy." The light goes off in the upstairs room, and Demetri's up there in a flash. Mark shouts, "FBI! Open the door!"

Demetri opens it for him with a kick -- if nothing else, not having any visions has been excellent for producing aggression that he can channel in productive ways on the job -- and when the three law-enforcing people burst inside, they behold a tall, lean, pea-coat-wearing man who's holding his arms out laterally. There are clear fish tanks on either side of him, and it's clear that they're not filled with guppies, but unclear as to what's actually in them. Oh, wait -- we get some crazy shots of a bomb set to go off, and computers in the tanks, and the guy intones, "He who foresees calamities suffers them twice over." Mark is all, What the FUN? and he asks, "What did you say?" but the mysterious figure only drops two Zippo lighters into the fluid-filled tanks and oh, look, everything's going up in flames. The only consolation is that those creepy dolls will burn and -- oh. And then the creep shoots and kills that nice Sheriff Keegan. Demetri and Mark try to take him down, but since they're surrounded by fire in an unfamiliar place and this guy has the advantage of knowing what he's doing, they are none too successful. Shortly before everything blows to Kingdom Come, the camera rests on a computer monitor displaying a chess game. Oh, good, we're dealing with Gary Kasparov. That'll be a romp through the bunny fields.

Fiery mayhem ensues, but our series regulars escape it with nary a singed eyebrow.

When we get back from the commercial break, Mark notices an FBI tech snapping photos of something and, sure enough, when he checks the digital readout screen, it displays the burned-doll photo from his flashforward. Demetri comes over and Mark awkwardly says, "I'm sorry about Keegan. I know what you must be thinking." Demetri's all, "Can we talk about that later? [pause] What we've got now is a cell phone and a white queen." The chess piece, not a sunscreen-wearing monarch. Mark wonders, "Who's our Bobby Fischer playing chess with? Chess pieces, dolls -- what the hell was he doing here?" Nice, normal activities, no doubt. Don't men like to eschew the company of other adults for a life in a doll-filled warehouse? Demetri exposits, "According to data forensics, our guy's been super-busy since the blackout. He's been hacking into nets all over the world ... he even tried to hack into Mosaic through the NSA." "Why?" Mark wonders, and Demetri responds, "I think he was ruling out possible causes. I don't think we're the only ones investigating why the blackout happened." Really, this possibility is only occurring to you ace intelligence professionals now? Going by the look on Mark's face, I'd say so.

Back at Our Lady of the Mood Lighting Memorial Hospital, Olivia is carrying a sleeping Charlie and her loyal companion Squirrelio out of the hospital when Lloyd comments wryly from the picnic table where he's sitting, "I see the patient survived." Olivia apologizes for not seeing Dylan that day, adding that it was crazy, what with the running back and forth and parenting on top of work and all. But as she heads home, Lloyd says, "I've been sitting here, thinking of a way to tell my son that his mother is dead." Olivia's all, "Well, that is a toughie." She eventually advises Lloyd, "However you tell him, just be sure you tell him you love him." Lloyd asks, "Is it that simple?" Olivia replies, "It's the only part that's simple." Aww! This will be their meet-cute!

Then Nick Drake's "Place to Be" starts playing and we get the night's montage: Mark adding more pieces to his bulletin board so that it more closely resembles the board he flashed to -- and seeing his flashforward again -- and then Lloyd steeling himself to tell Dylan that his mother is dead. We then get the tender bedside scene, and Dylan takes the news of his mother's death with remarkable equanimity. In fact, Lloyd seems more broken up as he tells Dylan, "It's just you and me, kiddo. But we're going to be okay. I love you." Dylan's sporting an expression that seems to imply Interesting concept, father, and he requests, "I want to see Olivia." Lloyd seems troubled that his son knows who Olivia is.

At the FBI HQ, Demetri's doing the 3 a.m. tour of the office to see who else is suffering at this house. Short answer: Janis, Markham and FBI Boss Dude Courtney B. Vance. Markham admits, "What's going on is, I'm eating crow." And her delicious avian diet was delivered to her by Janis, who excitedly explains, "I managed to pull the I.M.E.I. number off the cell you and Mark recovered from Utah. And, as it turns out, D. Gibbons made a series of six calls, five right before the blackout, to another disposable cell ... but the sixth call was placed 30 seconds into the blackout<

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