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But only Cameron is in the meeting room, and no one cares about her opinion. She explains that Chase is down in the ER for the two-week NICU rotation Cuddy put him on. He sent a case up to his boss, though: Kara and her unexplained seizure. As for Foreman, he shows up with some natty attire and a great big smile. He's looking great for someone whose brain couldn't figure out which side was right and which one was left the last time we saw him. He gives Cameron a big hug when she stands to greet him, much to everyone -- most of all Cameron's -- surprise. House welcomes Foreman back from a safe distance, and orders him to make some coffee, saying he likes his black, just like how he likes his "brain-damaged neurologists." Well, I guess now that Foreman has that brain damage, there will be something else for House to make fun of besides the color of his skin. "Happy to help!" Foreman smiles. As House and Cameron exposit how and why Foreman was brain damaged last week, Foreman struggles to open a bag full of coffee grounds. House snatches it from him and does it ably by ripping it open with his teeth. Foreman says that he still has a few remnants from his brush with death, but is happy to be alive and trying to cope with them with a smile and great attitude. Oh, yuck.

Cameron goes over Kara's file, and Foreman has a few ideas of what's wrong with her, but since he's also forgotten how a coffee filter works, House says that he won't be letting Foreman near any patients. Cameron tells House that the ER has already ruled out all the simple, boring explanations for Kara's seizure, leaving only the complex, interesting ones for House to investigate.

Chase checks on baby Michael. Suddenly, the entire House team is behind him demanding his help on Kara's case. Chase says that they don't need him, as he figures that Kara's seizure was simply caused by some inflamed arteries in her brain. "You're a moron," House says. Wow, I can't imagine why Chase would be trying to spend time away from that positive reinforcement. Cameron goes to test Kara for the delightfully-named Whipple's disease, and House orders Chase to do an angiogram. But Chase says he can't, because Cuddy ordered him to stay in the NICU.

Amazingly, we actually get to see Cuddy when someone refers to her as she rushes into work wearing her usual red and holding a small paper bag, the contents of which shall remain a mystery for now. After giving her some time to feel comfortable in her private space, House announces his presence. He snuck into her locked office and has been sitting in one of her chairs waiting for her to show up. Hilariously, Cuddy adds an "again" when she describes this situation. She must have to check behind her shower curtain when she uses her toilet, just to make sure House isn't hiding behind it, ready to jump out and protest her latest decision to take him off of a case that can't be solved without the benefit of his amazing mind.

Because he hasn't stripped her of her privacy enough, House asks Cuddy what's in her bag and whether it has anything to do with her date with Wilson tonight. Cuddy says that it isn't a date, but won't enlighten him as to the bag's contents. So House pesters her about it for a while and then says that he'll only drop it if she gets Chase out of NICU. "NICU is short-staffed," Cuddy says. But House keeps tabs on the entire staff of PPTH for who knows what reason, and therefore knows that NICU has had the same staff for the last two years. Which means that Chase must have asked Cuddy for the NICU rotation. "If Chase needs a break from you, he should take it," Cuddy says. House agrees with this; I'm sure he'd love to be able to take a break from himself, too.

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