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While Cameron does some test that involves making an awesome-looking 3D picture of Kara's brain on the computer, Foreman enters with the negative results of Kara and Brent's strep tests -- the only test that he's allowed to do right now. Cameron assures Foreman that he'll be doing the sophisticated tests like she is soon, and he says that it's okay if he doesn't; he could always teach or work in research if he can't practice anymore. Foreman's just so happy to be alive and doesn't think that he has the right to complain about only making coffee after almost not being able to breath. And now, let's all take bets on how long Foreman's newfound positivity will last. As entertaining as it might be if this were a permanent personality change for Foreman, and we got to watch him love life (much to the annoyance of everyone around him during the seasons to come), I'm thinking that it won't last more than three scenes.

Chase finds Brent standing over his son, not sure what to do. Chase tells him that "physical contact helps the healing process," i.e. touch your son, you cold emotionless robot (although quite attractive) man. That baby is really cute when it's not a doll.

Kara gets her angiogram.

I spoke too soon about the baby not being a doll, as the monitors start beeping, and Chase says that the baby isn't getting enough oxygen. He turns back into a doll so the nurses can work on him.

Suddenly, Kara starts moaning and her back seizes up, lifting her off of the table. A stream of blood goes shooting into poor Cameron, who jumps back with a "where the fuck did that come from?" look on her face.

Michael is still losing oxygen.

Cameron doesn't know what's causing Kara's problems, but it isn't a seizure.

Chase re-inflates Michael's collapsing lungs, and his levels return to normal. Now Chase has to figure out what caused his lungs to collapse in the first place. I'm thinking that the juxtaposition of Michael and Kara's medical crises is trying to tell us that their illnesses are somehow related.

Meanwhile, Cameron and Foreman stand next to their patient, who is almost levitating off of the table with her spasming back. They have no idea what's wrong with Kara, and they don't seem particularly eager to do anything to make it stop.

Back from commercial break, Kara's back has recovered, and she's lying in bed. House, Foreman, and Cameron go to NICU to ask Chase what he thinks could have caused Kara's seizures and whatever the hell happened to her back. Chase just says that he's too busy with Michael's case to help House out. After a look at Michael's chest X-ray, he diagnoses him with chemical pneumonitis from all that bathwater in his lungs and orders a nurse to give him prednisone. But now Chase doesn't have an excuse to avoid House, and says that Kara's problems are all explained by lithium. Cameron and Foreman protest, because Kara doesn't have a history of taking it and it didn't show up on her tox screen. Of course, as House points out to Foreman, lithium never shows up on standard tox screens. So Foreman comes back with another diagnosis that restores some of House's faith in his brain power: myelomas meningitis. House orders Cameron to test Kara for that, and orders Foreman to check Kara's home for lithium and possible bacterial causes of Michael's lung problems, as House tosses off to Chase that he's wrong about them being chemical and tells him to start the kid on ECMO. Foreman goes off to do this, his short term memory problems apparently having blocked out the fact that this is how he almost died last time. I would not be going back to sick people's houses after that.

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