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Inside the meeting room, they find Foreman, back from Kara's place with no lithium. He did find a bottle of vodka stashed behind a drawer, though. Cameron picks up on this as being "classic alcoholic behavior," which could explain Kara's bleeding. House plays a nasty little trick on Foreman by saying that Kara bled all over him earlier in the day and that he just doesn't remember it, and then he calls Foreman an "idiot" -- and I'm sure the brain damaged action council is drafting a strongly-worded letter to this show as we speak. Foreman takes it all in stride, though. I think he's wearing a "Life: Be In It" T-shirt under his sweater. Foreman points out that Kara didn't have any alcohol in her system when she was admitted, and House says that just fits their alcoholic scenario even better, since that would mean that Kara was having DTs. Seizure-inducing DTs. Foreman suggests that Kara's stress over her family's serious financial problems could also explain her symptoms, but House likes Kara's alcoholic scenario better, and orders Foreman to put her in a coma before the DTs kill her.

Foreman heads right off to do just that, and House is angry: Foreman should be arguing with him now, not doing his bidding. "Why should I argue? You'll just overrule me," Foreman says, now wise to how precious his time on this earth is and not willing to waste it. "Enough! Get a pony or a watermelon farm!" House tells him. "House!" Cameron says, objecting. It's about time SOMEONE objected to this guy's blatant racism. Too bad it's Cameron, and too bad it's at the end of the second season. House says that he's trying to get Foreman to react and stop being boring and all happy and calm and stuff. Foreman says that he has changed forever. "Nearly dying changes everything forever. For about two months," House says. And since he had his own near-death experience, I'd say he probably knows this better than most. House needs the Foreman he hired back at this moment, though; not two months from now. Foreman says that he's not going to sink to House's level of misery, and suggests that he talk to Brent and Cameron talk to Kara to find out if she's an alcoholic or not. House would rather just put her in a coma. I guess you can do that without talking to people now.

Cuddy and Wilson have their dinner date. Small talk is made about Wilson's pending divorce, and then they both make fun of House for a while. Suddenly, Cuddy brings up children and asks Wilson whether he wants to have them someday. Wilson doesn't answer that, simply asking Cuddy whether there's a specific reason why she invited him out. Cuddy says that she just wanted to catch up with him, especially since neither of them has anyone to run home to. She laughs that comment off, as if it were funny and not incredibly sad.

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