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Kara wakes up from what I'm guessing was her coma to find Cameron standing over her. Cameron steps aside to reveal Brent and Michael, and Kara takes Michael in her arms and coos over him. She apologizes to Brent, who says that she doesn't have anything to be sorry for; she was "sick." Yeah, sick because she chose to drink too much for too long. Everyone's taking this hardcore alcoholic thing pretty well, though. Cameron stands back and watches and smiles because she loves happy endings. Maybe a unicorn will swoop down and carry them all away towards the rainbow.

House and Foreman talk about the case. Foreman says that Brent and Kara actually met each other in AA, and Kara must have slipped somewhere along the way. I guess that's why you shouldn't meet people in AA. Good lesson. House was right, and he says that his theory was much better than Foreman's psych one. Foreman doesn't react to this, and House promises to "drop the N-bomb" if he absolutely has to. I love how House can't stand being around someone so happy and appreciative of everything life has to offer. Foreman just pats House on the shoulder and laughs that he is "addicted to conflict." House looks down at the Vicodin he's about to swallow and asks whether they changed the name. While Foreman keeps talking about how House was unsuccessful both at dragging Chase into the case and getting a reaction out of Foreman, House looks over at Kara's room and notices her bent over the side of her bed, facing away from them. He glances over at Michael's crib. It's empty. The Danger Music is also playing, so House throws his cane down and runs as best he can into Kara's room. Foreman follows him, and there they find Kara trying to freaking suffocate her child. House grabs the baby, while Foreman tries to restrain Kara. Michael isn't breathing, so House calls for a crash cart while he gives the Michael Doll CPR. I hope no one tells Cameron about this; she was so happy when she thought this family was normal and happy and not the least bit homicidal.

Back from commercial, Brent is devastated to hear that while Michael is stable, the lack of oxygen damaged his kidneys. Brent wants to believe that Kara rolled onto Michael by accident and just happened to be holding a pillow while she did it, but come on now, Brent. Foreman tells him that he was in the room and Kara was definitely trying to kill Michael. Where was Brent during that whole thing, anyway? Why wasn't he in the room with his wife and son?

Meanwhile, Cameron's tending to Kara, who says that she heard voices telling her that Michael would be better off dead.

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