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Cameron comes back to the Meeting Room and says that Kara faked her seizure when Brent came home, and that he unknowingly caught her trying to drown the baby. Foreman doesn't think so, saying that post-partum psychosis can cause both child-drownings and seizures. As for House, he thinks that Kara has an illness they haven't diagnosed yet. Foreman jumps up to draw some of Kara's blood for new tests, and House gets really mad that he isn't being argued with. He tells Foreman to go have an original thought and try to stress Kara into another seizure in the meantime. Foreman says that he can't, because Kara's on anti-seizure medication, but House really wants him to argue on the ethics of stopping a seemingly necessary drug and inducing a dangerous seizure, not the logistics of it. For a guy who always think he's right and should never be questioned, House sure does love conflict. I don't get it. House tells Foreman to take Kara off the anti-seizure medicine and try to induce a seizure while hooking her up to an EEG so they can see if her seizures are real or fake.

Foreman goes to follow House's orders, and Cameron follows House into his office to yell at him for how he's been treating Foreman. Foreman may never get better, Cameron says, so House shouldn't keep operating under the assumption that he will and therefore can be made fun of for a temporary condition. House says that if Foreman doesn't get better, he'll need a new neurologist. The fact that Foreman got this way because he was doing something House ordered him to do doesn't matter to the guy who was lucky enough to be allowed to continue to practice medicine, even though he's always on pain pills. Furthermore, House thinks that this only matters to Cameron, because she feels guilty for doing the biopsy. I think it's also because Cameron likes having someone with a happy upbeat attitude on the team with her. Cameron says that isn't the case at all; she's annoyed at House for pushing Foreman and hurting his chances of recovery. For taking a stand and arguing with her boss who claims he loves it so, Cameron is rewarded with orders to baby-sit Foreman down in the seizure lab.

Kara is hooked up to some brain machines and ordered to stare into a flashing light. Cameron joins Foreman in the booth, and he immediately knows why she's there, even though she tries to lie that she's just waiting for some test results to come back. "It's fine," Foreman assures her. "Of course it is," Cameron says, rolling her eyes. I guess she's as sick of his rebirth as House is after all. I'm surprised at this, but not displeased. Foreman asks Cameron what her problem is; a few weeks ago, she was angry at him for not considering her to be a friend and now she's angry at him for being friendly. "Apparently, I'm a bitch," Cameron shrugs. Sweet. She tells Foreman that his attitude of considering every day a blessing "gets old," and makes everyone around him feel shallow for not feeling the same way. Enh, it seems to work for the Care Bears well enough. Then again, my favorite Care Bear was Grumpy, who had a storm cloud on his chest and kind of hated everyone, but stuck around because -- let's face it -- Care-A-Lot was a pretty sweet place to live. Foreman smiles through an apology to Cameron for his happiness. "Give it a rest," Cameron says.

House limps into whatever lab the Chief of Oncology has to perform his own tests in, and asks Wilson how his date with Cuddy went. Wilson says Cuddy didn't say a thing about cancer and it seemed like she just wanted a date with him, even though Wilson seemed to be terrible company from what little we saw of it. Meanwhile, House notices that Wilson's doing his own test in the middle of the night -- and Cuddy's spoon is his test subject. Wilson admits that he's testing Cuddy's saliva for cancer markers. Oh, for God's sake, you two! Leave Cuddy's garbage and bodily fluids alone! House thinks that Wilson is only doing this so that he'll know whether Cuddy really wanted to date him or not, and Wilson wonders why House cares so much about Cuddy. House claims he only cares because if Cuddy dies of cancer, he'll have a new boss to learn how to manipulate. "Whoa. I think I'm gonna cry," Wilson says with expert line delivery.

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