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Boys On The Slide

Outside, Alex is asking Earl why he's going to go out drinking when he feels sick. Earl shrugs and says that it makes him feel better. Dan loses it at this point as he roams around the house in a blind rage, saying how he's done. He's tired of all the shit, he's tired of all the fighting, and he's finished. He doesn't want to do this anymore because of all the drama. And all along, I thought this show was a comedy. He wants to depledge. He talks to Mike, his Big Brother. Earl and Jarreau are on the front porch, discussing the fact that they can't believe Dan's about to depledge. Jarreau fondles his balls for a split second before the camera goes off. I bet that if Jarreau makes it all the way through the pledge process, his nickname will be "Balls." And his roommate will be Brad. Dan's telling Mike that he just wants to go home. Tim tells Alex that Dan has depledged, which really bums Alex out. Alex says that he's not thrilled with being treated like a two-legged dog, but that he refuses to depledge. Yes, this is the same guy who almost depledged when he was forced to end a date early. Now he's Mr. Gung-Ho Frat Boy. Which sounds more like a Chinese menu item than a nickname, I guess.

We then get a series of comments about Dan. Alex says that this wasn't supposed to happen because Dan had already gotten his pledge pin and everything. "Conrad" is blown away by it all; he simply can't believe that this is happening. Brad says that Dan was a great guy and he was sad to see him go. Hindsight being 20-20, I bet if you had treated the kid with more respect, he might just still be here with you, Bradley. Earl never thought Dan would leave. But apparently Dan didn't enjoy the pledge process enough. Duh, Earl. That's like saying the Jews didn't appreciate the concentration camps enough, you simpering dumb-ass. Who the hell likes being tortured, outside of Brad and his golden nipple clamps?

Dan's packing all his stuff in garbage bags and hauling ass as if this whole thing is a disgrace. I actually applaud the guy for having the balls to say, "Enough is enough. You guys simply aren't worth the trouble." Dan says that it would have been nice to call these guys brothers, but that it simply wasn't worth the hassle. Not to mention the shame that comes with being involved in a fraternity that is made to look like a bunch of self-absorbed dicks on television.

The pledges call a meeting to discuss their current status. They need to all be honest with one another and get on the same page. They're trying to decide what they're going to do to make sure they all get through this and become members of the fraternity. Tim says they all need commitment and heart, and once they get that, they'll all come together as a team. Or at the very least, they'll get to bag more decent-looking chicks than they've been saddled with lately.

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