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Boys On The Slide

At that point, the show ended abruptly. No previews for next week. Just...BOOM! Credits.

I think I've found someone creepier than Brad finally, now that Flounder has been given some airtime. I feel pretty sure that Flounder is reading these recaps, because he was posting on the boards for a while until we got bored with him there and had him banned. So Flounder...babe...hopefully you have the cell phone number of Toni Gallagher, the post-producer for the show. Give her a call. From my dealings with her, she seems like a super-nice woman. Explain to her that you saw this episode and realize that you came across as a bitter, retarded elephant turd and would like to make sure that you're edited from all future footage; that way, your absence from the show will hopefully ensure that maybe, someday, you'll be able to get laid and put all this crap behind you.

It's your only choice, Flounder.

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