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Earl Interrupted: Welcome To Hell, Part I

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Earl Interrupted: Welcome To Hell, Part I

It's Halloween, and the brothers are having a party. Mags is dressed as Fred Flintstone while Brad's dressed as a fairy. No, wait -- he says he's Bashful from the Seven Dwarves. Yeah right, dude. So why the Tinkerbell outfit? The pledges are dressed as a six-pack of Killians. Earl tracks down Chang to ask his advice on his problems with Steve. Chang tells Earl that all pledges fight and release steam, but that they should give Steve a chance to prove himself. Then Chang tells Earl to try to grab the pebble from Chang's hand. And he calls him "Grasshopper" a lot. Earl keeps trying to grab the pebble, but Chang's much faster than Earl. This goes on for a few minutes and is designed to make Earl feel even better about his situation. Earl would love to know what's going on in Steve's head, but rather than ask Steve himself, the cameraman asks him. Steve says that Earl just had to release some anger, but Steve doesn't take Earl seriously, so he just blew it all off. That's right, Steve-O. As long as that white horse is coursing through your veins, everything's all right, isn't it? I'm still waiting for the very special episode where Steve detoxes. That should be a hoot.

Earl, Tim, and Steve are getting into the SUV. Steve would rather take his own car, but Tim orders him in the SUV. They start a verbal argument with a lot of bleeping -- so much so that it's hard to figure out what they're fighting about. Steve keeps threatening to kick Tim's ass, but he's so lethargic from the heroin that he's hardly able to get in the vehicle without dozing off. Tim asks him if he's ignorant, and Steve tells him to shut the fuck up before he rubs his bloody lips all over the car. Tim orders him out of the SUV and Steve says that's what he wanted in the first place. Tim's upset because he put all his trust in Steve, and Steve has betrayed his trust. Tim doesn't forget easily, unless it's something trivial, like going to a formal with Nicole. Tim's bitching to Earl about Steve, while Steve hops into another car and leaves. The show ends as Tim says he doesn't even want Steve as a brother, and a nation gasps in horror at this revelation. Will they reconcile? Will they be able to hide the whipped cream from Steve so that we never have to see the creamy carnage again? Will there really be a Fraternity Life 2 after this boring slab of horseshit proved that there's more drama in a Hi and Lois comic strip than in your average fraternity pledge house? And most importantly: who among us really gives two shits either way?

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