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Earl's Gone Wild

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Earl's Gone Wild

Later that day, Steve is trying to track down Paul by cell phone. Paul is at the football field, where the brothers will be playing against the pledges. Steve asks Paul where his football jersey is; Paul doesn't know. The pledges are frantically searching the house for the missing football jersey, while Paul's at the football field. We're reminded by MTV that the pledges must be on time for these football scrimmages. Jarreau finally gets a POV, and it's basically a narration of what's going on: Paul's at the game without his jersey, the pledges are trying to find Paul's jersey, and it's pissing Jarreau off. Thanks for the update, Tom Brokaw. With such complicated plot twists, I would have never figured that out on my own, you lethargic twit. The guys call Paul again, and he can't help them; he has no idea where his jersey is. The pledges show up for the scrimmage thirty minutes late, which makes them look really bad to the brothers. Paul admits that he screwed up, and Tim reiterates to the other pledges that Paul has screwed up twice in two days. Both Tim and Jarreau admit that Paul seems to have his shit together, but he doesn't. I'm sure Paul's spirit is crushed by all of this. To have his pledge brothers point out his inept behavior is the kind of thing that leads a young man to drink. Godspeed to ya, Paulie.

Earl's in the kitchen at Sarah's house, where Sarah has asked him to uncork a wine bottle. Earl fumbles with the wine bottle like a virgin fumbling with a wine bottle in a stripper's kitchen. Earl says that for the past several days, as soon as his pledge stuff is over, he runs into the skinny, heroin-ravaged arms of Sarah, because she's honest and they can relate to each other really well. This is the same guy who didn't want the guys saying "fuck" in front of his mother, like, four episodes ago. Now he's making out with a creepy stripper. I bet Mom is oh so very proud of her little virgin. This is going to make for great conversation around the bridge table next Tuesday.

The next day in the Rover, Earl is checking out his hickey with pride and asks Alex if it's "noticeable." Alex says it looks like Earl's got another head protruding out of his neck. Earl wears the stripper hickey with pride, constantly tugging down his collar. At the student union, Tim is riding Earl hard about dating a girl who looks like a rat. He mutters the obligatory "She can suck a golf ball through a garden hose" statement all guys make when their friends hook up with rat-faced strippers. All the guys are having a hearty chuckle at Earl's expense, and Tim tells Earl it's all in fun, and that he should just roll with the punches. In a POV, Earl says that the teasing is okay up to a point, but then it starts to bother him that they harp on the fact that his girlfriend looks like a lice-infested rodent.

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