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Meet The Greeks

Candace and Becca gush over how much fun they had when Candace pledged, and then say that these new pledges won't have it as easy. We see the guys all doing push-ups in the hallway of their pledge house and the girls installing a curfew and insisting that the girls have to wear something everywhere they go, "even to the bathroom." One guy tells the others that if he calls them on the phone, they'd better be jumping and running and catering to his every whim. They all answer him "Sir, yes sir." Gee, and I thought slavery was dead. They talk about having to do interviews and getting to know the other pledges and if they don't, they're out on their asses. It's really kind of sad to watch, because these pledges are too goddamned stupid to realize they could have gone into the Marines, been treated a helluva lot better by drill sergeants who aren't even close to being the assholes that these guys are, and saved a shitload of money in the process. Then we see the girls bitching about various pledges and how they looked at them funny so that's why they don't belong in the sorority. We then see the guy with the earrings say that pledging was so worth it, and he would have gone through an even longer pledge period to be a part of this group of guys. I can't remember if this is the really retarded guy or not; all these guys look alike to me: dazed and confused. Amy the vice president sums up pledging as something you'd never want to do again ever, but you probably won't regret it. Kinda like getting oral sex from a canine.

Back to Candace and Becca. Candace is pissed because they can't meet the pledges this week; that's going to have to wait until the two individual series start on Wednesday evening. We get the typical plug shit for the show, and they finally say goodbye.

Holy shit. I just looked up the word "unbearable" in the dictionary and it said "Having to recap one of those gawdawful Greek shows on MTV for Television Without Pity." I can tell you one thing: I can't imagine ever finding myself with so very little to do that I'd actually be able to sit through thirty minutes of this bullshit without getting paid for it. I'm not sure why any of you will want to watch it either. But I'll be reapping it for the next thirteen weeks. I just hope the experience doesn't leave me with a negative attitude toward life.

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