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My Big Fat Greek Initiation

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My Big Fat Greek Initiation

Paul says that Greek life is amazing, and that if you don't experience it, you're missing out on a wonderful college experience. We are then treated to footage of past episodes where the boys pulled wacky pranks like squirting fire extinguishers at each other while they showered and super-gluing Steve's urethra shut while he slept. The series ends with Earl standing in the front yard saying "Hoo-hah! We're finally done, boys. That's a wrap." Sweeter words have never been spoken.

Gawd, I'm glad that's over. Like Stee once said, this show zapped all the funny out of me. I will say that if I ever want to watch grown men act like retarded children again, I'll tune in C-SPAN. Bye guys. Have a nice fraternity-free summer.

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