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Prank Wankers

Janel comes back to the door and tells the guys how it's going to be. First, two of the guys have to come in the house; Tim cuts her off saying that this isn't a hostage situation. Alex says that if they get two guys, then the guys get two girls. Maybe it's the editing, but this is making about as much sense to me as the heaps of praise being lauded on Chicago. I just don't fucking get it. Janel tells Tim to not cop an attitude with her because she is a sister of the sorority. I swear I'm not advocating violence against women here, but I was really hoping to see Alex live up to his promise and pop this snooty bitch in the tit a couple of times. In Tim's voice-over, he says that apparently he "disrespected" a sister, which is one of the seven deadly sins. Some people are probably sitting at home watching this, thinking that these people are only acting this way because there are cameras present. And they're probably right. If the cameras weren't there, they'd be acting a helluva lot worse. We get to see Janel's tirade fast-forwarded and silent so that we can skip all her petty bullshit. This chick has more attitude than a pit bull with jock itch. She's snottier than a dumpster full of used Kleenex. Don't get me wrong. I'd bang her if I were twenty years younger. But I bet it'd be about as pleasant as picking herpes scabs off my genitals and I'd be sure to complain like a sorority girl afterwards and steal whatever she had lying around while she slept and then bolt in the middle of the night. Janel tells the guys that they have to write a letter of apology to the sisters and have the president of the sorority sign it or hear it or some shit. This wacky bitch is talking way too fast for me and swinging her head around like Queen Latifah on a coke binge. She reminds the guys that they're still copping an attitude with her like she's the only one that can have an attitude on this show because, by God, she's a sista! I've got to say, giving this skanky slut five seconds of air time on the show makes these frat guys seem like angels. The guys start frantically writing the letter on the girls' front porch as Janel gets a highly unflattering camera shot from below as she sneers at them like an evil bitch. Seriously. This douchebag makes Brad look almost human. And that's saying something, coming from me.

Steven stupidly gives the t-shirt to Janel and asks to have the process sped up by having the girls sign it while the guys compose this award-winning apology letter. Janel takes the t-shirt and locks the door. Meanwhile, two of the guys speed off across town, taking the letter to the sisters' house to get them to read it. They get there, and the girls have decided that they want to call all of the pledges over to their house so the exchange can be made while they watch. Y'know, it's not like this is the Treaty of Versailles or anything. They're swapping out a fake banner for a signed t-shirt so they don't have to do 17,000 push-ups at the line-up. Have a heart, you soulless whores. Tim says that these gals have a lot of rules, and that they switch the rules whenever it will benefit them. That's the most intelligence Tim has shown this entire episode. The guys get into their SUV, and Alex notices that all the girls have filed out of the house and into their various vehicles, and are trying to block the guys in so that they can't go anywhere. Luckily, Tim "Steve McQueen" is driving, and he hauls ass before the girls can successfully snare the guys. Mwahahaha! Foiled again, you cursed whores!

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