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Prank Wankers

Tim and Steve go back to the sorority house and deliver their stuff, including their panties (or "beach towels" as Tim puts it). Tim reads the letter to two of the skanks on their front steps while Steve coughs, "Bullshit!" Steve says that his saying "bullshit" under his breath put the point across that the apology was not sincere. Brilliant deduction, Sherlock.

Back at line-up, George is once again grilling the guys about the shirt. Paul says they don't have the shirt, because it was stolen by the girls during the now-infamous ransacking of the pledge house. George isn't too overly thrilled with this until Tim speaks up and says that he and Steve found the shirt and in fact, Tim is wearing the shirt under his Greek sweatshirt. Alex and Paul burst into grins as Tim tells the camera that they got the banner, they got the t-shirt, and they got their nasty-assed panties. As the dramatic music swells, Alex tells the camera that DZO sucks, Sigma Chi Omega rules, and HDTV is highly overrated.

Next week, we find out that Earl is a virgin. Well, at least he was until he hooked up with a stripper who tried to suck his Adam's apple through his neck. So apparently Earl isn't really an asshole, he's just a walking ball of sexual tension. Now I can finally sleep at night.

I cannot begin to tell you how thoroughly unlikable these people are. Paul doesn't seem to be a bad guy. Jarreau is squirming off my hook as of late. Alex is at least tolerable now. Tim's a dick, Steve's a smarmy moron, Earl's a powderkeg of emotion, and Dan's a drugged-out loser. And yet, I'd call these guys my best friends compared to the girls of Sorority Life. I used to envy Stee for getting to watch a show full of hot young college girls. But not anymore. You can have 'em, dude.

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