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Table For Six

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Table For Six

This motivating kick in the ass has allowed the pledges to come together and finish the beer pong table as a team. The heart is warmed as we see footage of the guys smiling and enjoying each other's company and finishing the beer pong table. Earl even says it will be the best beer pong table ever, which is meant to bring a proud tear to the eye of the viewers at home. You know -- the ones who haven't switched the channel by now. They all go out to dinner together, which Tim says they haven't done in [bleeping] forever. Steve drawls that dinner is a good time for everyone to talk and get to know each other. That Steve. He's one insightful sperm rag. Tim says that the beer pong table was a turning point for the pledges, as they started on the path of being brothers. Alex says what matters most is that they can come away from all this as friends. Awwww. I'm gagging on the bile that keeps rising in my throat from all the love that's in the air.

Next week, Earl goes on a rampage, destroying bedrooms and shit until someone breaks out an elephant tranquilizer gun and takes his ass OUT! Meanwhile, Steve has gotten on everyone's nerves, which is either due to his mischeivous nature of giving the other pledges Tabasco-douches while they're asleep, or his fanatical love for playing Wayne Newton records at full volume late at night. Either way, it looks like the other pledges have finally had enough of his shit. Here's to hoping they get a wake-up call and come together as a team to work their way through this tragedy.

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