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Beers And Weirs

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Beers And Weirs

The second episode begins with a close-up of Dad Weir's baggy-assed boxer shorts. As the camera pulls away (and not a moment too soon), the Weir family is revealed, eating breakfast in the kitchen. Mom Weir is telling Lindsay that she'll take her clothes shopping at the mall because "those jeans are looking ragged." Lindsay declines the offer and Sam suggests that, "Dad could use some pants." Dad asks, "Who am I trying to impress?" He tells Sam that when it's his house, he can wear whatever he wants. Mom tells the kids that she's called Mrs. Amendola and asked her to look after them when "Daddy and [she] are in Chicago." Both kids protest that they're too old for a babysitter, while Dad predicts that they'll be "eating candy for breakfast and drawing pictures on the wall" while they're away. Both Lindsay and I wonder just how old he thinks they are. Lindsay goes on to point out that she's been babysitting other kids for a couple of years. Dad and Mom finally agree that the kids are old enough to stay on their own. Dad declares that Mrs. Amendola used to make the house "smell like an old lady, anyway." The whole family laughs and Dad says that Paul Anka is playing at the closing night gala (of whatever convention they're attending, I assume). Sam says, "Ooooh, Paul Anka, can I come?" To that, Mom responds by giving a push on the back of his head. Dad gets on his favourite hobby horse (dissing any music and musicians who are edgier than Paul Anka), and asks Sam if he would prefer it if they "listened to that punk rock music [he's] been reading about." Dad and Mom shake their heads over the Sex Pistols "who spit on their audience." Dad continues to rant and Lindsay points out that "every generation is afraid of the music that comes from the next," and she asks if Elvis didn't threaten his parents. Dad points out that "Elvis didn't expectorate on his audience." Sam pipes up, "No, but he died on the toilet." Dad gets the last word and says, "Yeah, well that's paradise compared to where those Sex Pistols are gonna end up."

After the kick-ass opening credits and music, Lindsay walks into the school and passes Millie in the hallway, then heads for Nick. She asks him what is wrong and he says that John Bonham, drummer for Led Zeppelin, is dead. Lindsay points out that he died last week. Nick clearly isn't over it yet. Too bad he's going to have to wait 15+ years to hear "The Ballad of John Bonham's Coke Roadie," a fabulous song by This Is Serious Mum, which may ease his pain. Anyway, Lindsay wonders why Led Zep doesn't just get a replacement. Nick can't even process an answer to that suggestion, and he walks away saying, "Let's just forget it."

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