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Beers And Weirs

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Beers And Weirs

Lindsay wonders what the noise is. Neal explains, "I think Bill's got an ear infection. It's messing with his equilibrium."

Bill primes the pump on the keg, and it spurts out a stream of beer on to his crotch. Just then Lindsay pushes past Neal and comes to see what is going on. She notes Bill's wet pants, and an awkward exchange occurs when Bill tries to explain and Lindsay says that she understands. She then commands Sam to get Bill something dry to wear. Sam runs out and Bill follows.

The doorbell rings excessively as Lindsay places and replaces a bowl of snacks. The first guests are Daniel, Ken, and Nick. They come in and see several funky, velvet posters and Ken says, "What do you think we are, hippies?" Lindsay says she wanted the place to look more "party-like." Ken says, "I'll tell you what would make it more party-like. Point me to the keg," as he takes a glass beer stein out of his pocket. She points, and says, "It's in the corner." Ken responds, "Then, I'm in the corner." Daniel tells Lindsay not to be nervous and he says that the living room is probably big enough for the party, and he goes to check out the rest of the house.

Sam enters his room and says to Neal and Bill that he hopes everyone drinks a lot of the fake beer, "has to pee a lot, and then goes home." Neal mentions that the plan is genius, and Bill reminds them that it was his plan. Bill is instructed to guard the keg of real beer while Sam and Neal patrol the party.

Lindsay lets in more people while "Hush" by Deep Purple plays on the stereo and one of the guests says that the beer sucks. Neal tells him that it is imported beer. Another guest speculates that Daniel bought cheap beer and kept the extra money for himself.

Nick, while sounding slightly drunk, theorizes that John Bonham presages his impending death-by-choking-on-his-own-vomit in Song Remains the Same. Sam asks him to not sit on a glass table.

In the kitchen, Neal and a black student are discussing who has it worse at school, Neal because he is Jewish, or the other guy, because he is black.

Sam goes around collecting breakables and stowing them away.

Millie crashes the party because she saw all the cars in front of the house. Millie refers to Lindsay's new friends as her "drinking buddies." Just then, a guy comes by with a bunch of glasses of beer and yells, "Beer here!" Millie primly says, "No, thank you. I prefer to get high on life." The guy chokes then realizes that Millie is "that chick from that thing yesterday." He then asks her for a ride home and she agrees to give him a ride. Lindsay invites her to stay, and she announces that, "I'm gonna have more fun than any of you. Sober."

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