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Beers And Weirs

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Beers And Weirs

Lindsay hears some tires squealing and she runs outside to see what it is. She sees three dudes in their twenties with an old dude who has to be in his fifties. She asks if she can help them and they tell her that they're friends of Daniel's. Just then, Kim arrives and she jumps on of the dudes' backs. Millie stands agog, while the old dude makes a pass at Kim. The guy whose back she jumped on declares, "she's mine," and he carries her over his shoulder into the house. I'm with Millie here -- those guys were just gross. The old dude says, "C'mon boys, let's go tear this mother DOWN!" Millie almost faints and asks Lindsay who they are. Lindsay replies, "They' guests."

In the kitchen, Lindsay chugs some beer, and shouts to Ken, "Oh man, I gotta PEE!" And he says, "It's either that, or forfeit." Some of the guests complain about not getting a buzz from the beer while Millie reiterates that she hasn't had a drink but she's "sailing." Another guest recognizes Harris as one of the "Sober Students" just as he is about to drink beer through a funnel. Harris explains that he only does "because it looks good on [his] transcripts for college." One of the older guys is now shirtless and exhorting the kids to take their best shots at his stomach. Sam wonders if they put out the right keg and Neal assures him that it is working. ["I need to interject here and say that Harris looks exactly like one of my cousins did when he was in high 1989. I find it comforting in a way that metalhead fashion continued with virtually no change for roughly a decade." -- Wing Chun]

Back in Sam's room, Bill watches Dallas, and casually eyes the keg. He slides over and licks the spigot.

Daniel checks out photos, trophies, and ribbons in Lindsay's room. She finds him and acts like they mean nothing to her and tries to play off her former geekiness. He tells her that if he won stuff like that, he'd "be so pumped."

In Sam's room, Bill drinks beer out of one of those little plastic football helmets that you used to be able to get ice cream in. He drains the helmet then puts it on his head. It was a priceless moment.

When someone takes a record off the turntable, Millie takes the opportunity to sit down at the piano and play a song which contains the lyrics, "Jesus is just all right with me." I don't know it, but Nick does, and he gets up and sings along. While they belt out the song, Sam sits beside Ken and asks him if he "likes [his] sister." Ken says yes and then Sam asks him to make sure that she "doesn't get into trouble." Ken says, "Sure. Which one is your sister? Not that chick who's singin', is she?"

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