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Chokin' And Tokin'

Alan's dad apologized to Mrs. Haverchuk, who says that Alan can apologize to Bill now. Alan doesn't really apologize and claims that he always knew that Bill wouldn't die. Bill lets him know that he heard his heartfelt pleas and he doesn't buy the tough guy stuff that Alan is now trying to pull. Bill invites Alan to come to the sci-fi convention, but Alan says that the geeks are losers and he won't go. Bill senses that Alan is wavering and he tells him that they're meeting at Sam's place on Saturday. Before he leaves, Alan says that he is sorry. Bill says it's okay as long as Alan doesn't do it again.

Mom Weir comes into Lindsay's room to say goodnight and ask how the babysitting went. Lindsay says she'll never do it again and Mom laughs.

Miss Foote is sitting at Bill's bedside and holding his hand. He wakes up and smiles at her. Now he's getting some of that sick-bed action that Sam and Neal were getting.

Neal as Yoda, Bill as Dr. Who, and Sam as Luke Skywalker, are standing in the Weirs' driveway when Gordon arrives. He isn't in costume because he prefers to put it on in the parking lot so he doesn't look like a loser all day. Alan watches them from the street for a while, then says, "Man, I just can't do it," before riding away on his three-speed chopper-style bike. Whoa, you're afraid of being seen with them and yet you're still riding a bike like that in high school? Whatever, Alan.

Sadly, this is the last Freaks and Geeks recap for a while. I hope that the show gets picked up by another network. I have enjoyed working on it and I thank you all, on behalf of Cate and myself, for your compliments and support.

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