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Chokin' And Tokin'

The Weirs are sitting in their living room eating ice cream. Mom, Dad, and Lindsay are seated on the sectional sofa, and Sam is sitting right by the television, changing the channels according to Dad's commands. He finally hits on Charlie's Angels and Dad tells him to stop. Mom mentions to Lindsay that the Johnsons want her to baby-sit on Thursday. Lindsay asks how much they are paying and Mom tells her it is $1.50 per hour. That's not bad, I remember charging $2 an hour on New Year's Eve 1979, because I was in heavy demand and I knew that the market would bear it. Soon after, I quit being an entrepreneur and embarked on my long career of working for The Man, and have never had such control over my income since then. Lindsay doesn't think that $1.50 is very much and says so. Dad rants, "Yes Lindsay, they should pay you a king's ransom to lay around drinking pop and watching TV on their couch." Lindsay thinks that keeping the kids safe and sound should be worth more. Dad calls a halt to the discussion so he can hear the show. Kate Jackson is being menaced by a crazy car driver in a parking lot. Dad asks Sam who his favourite angel is and Sam laughingly says, "I like Bosley." Dad barks, "Bosley?!?" in his SCTV Guy Caballero voice, then says, "Nobody watches this show for Bosley." Dad is right, nobody likes Bosley. Dad suggests that Kate Jackson is a bit of all right but Sam is unimpressed. Lindsay says it is because Sam loves Cindy Sanders. Sam informs them that he is over Cindy because she likes Todd Schellinger. Mom chimes in that it's Cindy's loss. Aw, Mom, that was nice of you to say that, and it's totally true too. Dad wants to know who Sam likes because he thinks "there comes a time in a young man's life when he should begin testing the water." Lindsay wants to know why she shouldn't be testing the waters. Dad claims that there'll be plenty of time for that when she's married. Lindsay rolls her eyes. I'm not surprised at all by Dad's double standards.

The geeks are walking down the hall at school and Neal tells Sam that the freshmen student government voted Cindy and Todd "cutest couple." Neal advises that it is time for Sam to realize that the "Cindy ship has sailed. It's time to board another vessel." They round a corner and Neal bumps into Maureen and a blonde girl named Vicki Appleby, the head of the cheerleading squad, whose Mead Tri-Fold Binder he has knocked to the floor. Neal picks it up and says that he has "one of those babies" himself. Vickie tells Neal to watch where he is going. Maureen says hi to the guys and asks them about the reading for social studies. Before anyone can answer, Vickie cuts them off and leads Maureen away. Neal declares that Maureen and Vicki are the kind of women they should be pursuing because the Cindy Sanderses of the world "are hors d'oeuvres and Vicki is a five-course meal." Bill, pronouncing the "h," says, "Hors, whats?" and giggles.

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