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Chokin' And Tokin'

Nick (this time in a blue velour top) and Lindsay are outside shooting hoops to the sound of Boston's "Smokin'" until Mark shows up to do a little bidness with Nick. Mark warns him that the pot is strong because it is hydroponic. Lindsay says, "Like the lettuce?" and Mark replies, "Yeah, like the lettuce." Lindsay wants to resume playing but Nick is intent on going back to his house to "spark up a doobie." Okay, he doesn't use those words, but I'm trying to remember what kids did say back then. Lindsay doesn't want to go, but Nick talks her into it. One of his arguments is that dope is natural because it is from the earth. Lindsay counters with, "Dog crap is natural but we don't smoke that." Tee hee, Lindsay!

In Nick's basement, Nick has piked out (more '80s drug slang) on the sectional sofa with a pile of chips on his chest. Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls" is playing in the background, while Lindsay sits morosely beside Nick. Lindsay didn't get anything out of her introduction to dope, though Nick is riding a totally mellow wave. Lindsay is complaining and Nick is trying not to let her bring him down, so he suggests they go get some Drakes Cakes. Lindsay says no and asks him why he smokes pot because he's "an amazing guy" when he isn't stoned. Nick is totally bummed and asks her not to start in on him because he's been waiting "for this moment all week." Nick gets angry because Lindsay is judging him without ever having been high herself. He calls her a drag and to prove that he's not addicted, he gives her the rest of his stash, and stomps up the stairs.

Bill is sitting at the geeks' table in the cafeteria, eating his sandwich while Alan and another guy watch him and mock him. Bill gets up to go talk to Gordon to tell him that he can't go to the sci-fi convention. Gordon proclaims that's "a bummer" because George Takei is supposed to be there and Gordon was going to lend Bill his Yoda mask. While Bill's sandwich is unattended, Alan plants some peanuts in it. Sam and Neal arrive with their trays and sit down with Bill. Bill starts to eat his sandwich while Alan and the other guy look on. Bill complains that his sandwich is crunchy, "like, peanut crunchy." Neal asks if he should get Miss Foote so they can discuss it. Bill asks if they put anything in his sandwich. Alan yells, "Hey Haverchuk, what happens next, should we call an ambulance?" In the next moment, you can tell from Alan's expression that calling paramedics is indeed in order.

Next thing you know, Bill, with an oxygen mask on, is being whisked down the hall on a stretcher, with Miss Foote on one side and Mr. Kowchevski on the other. Miss Foote assures him that everything is going to be okay. Bill looks like he is barely clinging to consciousness.

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